Sep 22 2009
Pillar on Air 1!

Yes, MORE Pillar stuff!

You probably know they released their new album "Confessions" today, but check this out-- 


Pillar frontman Rob Beckley is going to be Sean's special guest tomorrow morning on the Air 1 Morning Show

Set your alarm for either 8am Eastern or 8am Pacific to make sure you don't miss it!

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9/26/2009 7:37:42 AM
john brenton United States
john brenton
i haven't heard it all yet but secrets and regrets is awsome. siskel and ebert give it two thumbs up.
1/18/2010 6:42:43 PM
Cmb United States
I am a youth group helper.  I personally have heard a few songs by Pillar.  Several of our teens have had conversations of late.  Some stated "they are a Christian group" and others state "no they aren't".  I tried to research into the salvation testimonies of each of the band members.  This is the true test of determining that.  Could they please put their testimonies on their sites and if they already are, make them more accessible.
Thanks!  The Bible says we need to beware of certain things and music and the people who compose music does influence people greatly!