Aug 26 2009
Skillet fainting story!


Jon is Skillet's lead singer and he has some pretty funny stories about their latest album, "Awake". Check this one out:


"My favorite memory from the album recording is when our live violinist, named Jonathan Chu, came to record on a few songs. After he played his parts, he, Korey and Jen were sitting at the lunch table talking about how amazing lasik eye surgery is. They then began discussing how the procedure worked and so forth. Then someone had the great idea to look it up on YouTube. So I walked through the room into the hallway, and the last thing I heard was all of them screaming about how disgusting the procedure is to watch. About 30 seconds later I came back into the room and Jonathan Chu was passed out on the floor and Korey and Jen were freaking out because they thought he was joking! It was NOT a joke. And of course, I started laughing even though it was inappropriate!"

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Comments (2) -

8/27/2009 11:55:52 AM
Victoria United States
lol!that is pretty funny
9/3/2009 11:47:17 AM
sarah United States
Hahahahaha! That's AWSOME!! lol