Aug 03 2009
Are Red and Rojo REALLY the same?!

Well, red means "rojo" in Spanish, but when it comes to music, they're NOT the same! To answer an Air 1 listener's question, Red and Rojo are both Christian bands, but they are very different!

Red is an alternative christian metal band from Nashville, TN.




Rojo is a christian pop/worship group from Mexico!




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8/3/2009 10:50:51 PM
Edwin Subuyuj Guatemala
Edwin Subuyuj
Yes they are different since one is worship and softer sound. Red is metal. Another big difference is that Rojo has a female and she is the lead singer. Also her husband is in the band and is also the lead vocals and plays the guitar of the bass. I life both bands, actually Rojo is the only spanish band that I like.
8/4/2009 8:12:17 AM
Julie United States
That is weird....
8/4/2009 8:42:01 AM
Victoria United States
hmm that IS weird.the only difference is their genre and the lead singers voices.
8/4/2009 2:38:15 PM
Fernando United States
I Love Rojo...check them out:
8/4/2009 4:17:15 PM
Hey Edwin, I'm curious about the little flag by your that Guatemala?
And Fernando, thanks for sharing the new Rojo video! It's cool! Smile
8/4/2009 5:36:08 PM
Edwin Subuyuj Guatemala
Edwin Subuyuj
Yes, I am Guatemalian but I am living in Colton California. I didn't even notice
8/4/2009 5:40:13 PM
Edwin Subuyuj Guatemala
Edwin Subuyuj
Fernando, Thank for the vid. I like it and is that from their new album? My brother has most of their albums but I haven't seen that one in his collection.
8/4/2009 6:02:33 PM
8/4/2009 6:54:43 PM
Thanks, Edwin, that's cool! Smile

And yes, the video that Fernando posted is the new song "Tu amor hace eco en todo mi universo" (your love echoes in my universe) from the new Rojo album "Apasionado por ti" (passionate for you).

And Craig, Yeah, RED Rocks!!
8/5/2009 5:43:27 AM
Laughing Never even heard of Rojo before so I can't vouch for them, but Red is the best band ever! =D
8/5/2009 12:50:53 PM
Josh United States
I love rojo because it has differnt gerners like metal and rock and pop my favorite song from Rojo is "Gasolina"
8/5/2009 1:17:48 PM
Isaac United States
LOL ok so I might be the ONLY one to notice or even care but Rojo is not from Mexico although they tour there. Hey Coppelia they are from the US I met the female vocalist family and i am pretty sure they are originally from here! xD Even in their Myspace it says they are originally from Texas......
8/5/2009 2:24:40 PM
Rojo is metal?
8/5/2009 3:28:33 PM
Fernando United States
Hey Edwin,

Yes that vid is from their new album...and it's awesome. I can't stop hering it.  They translated David Crowder's "Oh Praise Him." The whole album is amazing.
Issac, I have to agree with you, they are from the US. Linda ( female vocalist) is from Arizona and most of her siblings (12 of them) sing.  Emanuel might be from Mexico but they now live in Texas.
8/5/2009 3:58:21 PM
Sammy United States
12 siblings! wow that sounds like fun!
ive never heard of Rojo before but ill use Fernando's link and find out about them, Thanks.
8/5/2009 4:07:20 PM
Hi Isaac,

When I first heard of Rojo, I lived in Puerto Rico, and they were introduced as a band from Mexico. Emmanuel Espinosa actually founded the band, back in the year 2000, in Hermosillo, Mexico.

By 2001, they were making appearances in Los Angeles, CA and launching albums!

You can read Rojo's official biography on the band's label website, ReyVol Records.
8/5/2009 4:07:58 PM
Sammy United States
im back, i just watched the vid Fernando posted and it is really cool, ive never heard anything like it before! the only thing i didn't like about it is, I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY'RE SAYING!! but that's ok i like them anyway. the lead singers voice makes her sound like she is really young, its nice.
8/5/2009 5:10:07 PM
Edwin Guatemala

I have to agree "gasolina" is one of my favorite songs but the one that I like the most is "Desde el Amanecer" I like the intro
8/5/2009 8:05:01 PM
Fernando United States
Hey....I think that they will be part of the line up at some Aquire the Fire events this fall:
8/6/2009 10:55:28 AM
Victoria United States
Well I have 9 other siblings:p
8/10/2009 5:00:05 PM
hey my dogs name is rojo and i thought he was the only 1
8/11/2009 7:23:27 AM
Mirbael magallnes
2/2/2010 5:17:17 PM
Marcia United States
so are you guys ever gunna play rojo on air1??