Jul 31 2009
Switchfoot Update: November 2009!

Thanks to our Air 1 News Anchor, Jennifer James, we have the latest on Switchfoot. They moved their new album release date from October to November 2009. (Awwwwwwww!) No worries, though, they just want to make sure it's the BEST album ever!! :)

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7/31/2009 5:57:00 PM
CalvinZ United States
Jon Foreman stopped in Boise on Wednesday night and played an impromptu acoustical show at a small coffee shop as the band was traveling from Utah to Seattle for a show.  It was amazing. Sorry to hear we'll have to wait another month for the new Switchfoot CD though....
7/31/2009 8:47:48 PM
Air1Coppelia United States
CalvinZ, that's awesome! I would've loved to be at that coffee shop show. And don't worry, November will be here before we know it! Smile
8/1/2009 9:05:23 AM
Victoria United States
Oh that is so awesome!but i never go to coffee shops but it still stinks that they are moving itFrown
8/3/2009 6:08:09 AM
Noah United States
Another month! :-( I guess it will be worth it.

When will Air 1 start playing their new singles? (Mess of Me and Always)
8/3/2009 4:13:12 PM
Hey Noah! Thanks for asking--we'll be sure to get all this great new music that's coming out in the next few months (Kutless, Switchfoot, Hawk Nelson, BarlowGirl, Relient K, etc...) on listener tests, like Air 1 Mixology and the Air 1 Taste Test, so we can start playing what the listeners want to hear!
8/3/2009 4:55:26 PM
Jay United States
That stinks that Switchfoot's album is postponed. Oh, well. I'm sure it will be good.