Jul 27 2009
NEW The Afters, BarlowGirl & Tenth Avenue North!

Hey! We have brand new Air 1 music for you this week:  

"Ocean Wide" by The Afters (Rockin' out at Summer festivals & getting ready to "Rock the Universe" this fall at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL!)



"Beautiful Ending" by BarlowGirl
(New album out September 22nd!)



"Hold My Heart" by Tenth Avenue North (Getting ready for their "Inside and In Between Tour" this September!)


You can sign up for Air 1's Mixology and check out Air 1's taste test to let us know what you think of the new tunes. Just click on the INsider at www.air1.com.  

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Comments (6) -

7/28/2009 2:29:13 PM
Julie United States
That is totally awesome! I love ocean wide and hold my hart they are the bomb!
7/29/2009 10:23:46 AM
megan ryan United States
megan ryan
I love the Barlow Gil's new song Beautiful Ending!! please play it more
7/30/2009 4:56:26 PM
Jessie United States
this song is amazing!!! ever since the day i got their CD "Over and Underneath," i knew this was my favorite tenth avenue north song!! i'm so glad air1 is going to play it!!! Smile yeah!!
7/31/2009 10:09:15 AM
I love the new BarlowGirl song!!!
8/1/2009 11:09:02 AM
Victoria United States
cool!you guys are playing more musicSmile
8/4/2009 5:43:02 PM
Edwin Subuyuj Guatemala
Edwin Subuyuj
Love the new Barlowgirl song and 10th Ave. North song.