Jul 22 2009
Hawk Nelson is into shoes!

Hawk Nelson is into shoes, but not like girls are into shoes ... the HAWK guys are into TOMS shoes, because they donate one pair for every pair sold.  This video shows you why it's so important to them ... and how we can help get shoes to kids who desperately need them.

Oh, and you can also check out Hawks' new album, "Live Life Loud", due out September 22nd! They already have a couple of singles available on iTunes if you wanna check 'em out!

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Comments (7) -

7/23/2009 9:34:07 AM
It's so awesome seeing bands like Hawk Nelson doing stuff like this! You go, guys!
7/23/2009 12:36:55 PM
Sammy United States
that is so cool that hawk nelson is supporting this cause! i love it when bands get involved!
congrats to you guys!!
and i think i might visit that website and check out those shoes(; !!!
7/25/2009 10:47:47 AM
Jay United States
That's an awesome thing that Hawk is doing! Can't wait for the new release!!!
7/28/2009 7:25:15 PM
Rachael A. United States
Rachael A.
Omg, this is so cool!!! What a cool cause to support! Hawk Nelson, you guys rock!!! Can't wait for Live Life Loud to come out and I can't wait to see you at Spirit West Coast!!!

-Hawk Nelson's 2nd #1 fan- Smile
7/29/2009 1:37:32 PM
Jessie United States
hawk nelson is SOOO amazing!! i just saw them at fishfest where they did a promo for TOMS shoes right before they came. i met them before they went over there and then they talked about it from the stage during their performance. they are doing such an amazing thing!! Smile
7/29/2009 3:04:08 PM
Victoria United States
it is good they are supporting a good causeSmile
9/3/2009 11:56:29 AM
sarah United States
It's great to see that people still care.