Jul 08 2009
He Pierced his own nose?!

This is Manwell from Group 1 Crew. He looks so nice, right?! He probably likes lattes and walks on the beach. But can you imagine him trying to pierce his own nose?!

You kinda have to see it to believe it, but Manwell has a VIDEO of himself trying to pierce his own nose. I have to warn you, though, I did not watch the whole thing!!! I could not get over seeing a needle halfway through his nose! EWWWWWW!

Oh, yeah, click to SEE THE VIDEO (if you dare!)

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Comments (11) -

7/8/2009 8:13:16 AM
aww come on coppelia it's not that bad!! i watched my friend pierce the top of her ear twice and then i almost pierced her ear too!!
7/8/2009 8:32:27 AM
Amanda United States
Bwahahaha! I thought that was hysterical!!! My sister and I cracked up! Laughing
7/8/2009 9:07:26 AM
Victoria United States
It was not that bad it was kinda gross when he had the needle in his nose thoughSmile
7/8/2009 4:20:52 PM
Sounds like he's crazy XD I dunno who'd want to do that.
7/8/2009 5:10:59 PM
Emmalee13 United States
aww it was pretty kool of him to do that...but it's not so bad I pierced my own nose too! haha I thought I was the only one that stood with a gigantic needle in their nose!! haha
7/8/2009 8:12:57 PM
Michelle Dante United States
Michelle Dante
No worries, he got it in Smile Pretty impressive, although I don't really understand guys having pierced noses,but that's just me.
7/9/2009 7:24:14 AM
Renee United States
I got my nose pierced back in 2004, took it out the beginning of 2005.  Close up and all I had was scar tissue and no hole.  So one night two weeks ago I get brave enough to put a needle through it.  Did it hurt?  NOT AT ALL.  For some reason they say scar tissue should hurt worse but I had the needle through in like ten minutes.  And now it is healing very nicely!
7/11/2009 3:41:52 PM
Misha Garcia United States
Misha Garcia
Pretty gross! Who would want to pierce their nose and make themselves look like pigs with a ring in their snout??
12/17/2009 7:14:41 PM
Victoria United States
yeah really Misha
1/28/2010 12:18:59 PM
TF United States
I didn't watch the video of him piercing his nose. But I don't think I'd want to
2/28/2010 6:54:34 AM
Bethany United States
i like guys with pierced noses but not girls with pierced noses. like aaron gillespie and jeff gilbert (kutless) they look good with pierced noses. but i wouldn't do it.