Jul 07 2009
Thoughts on Michael Jackson

I am curious to know what people are thinking about Michael Jackson's memorial today...

Via Twitter:

jillerRN Vividly remember MJ's "I'll Be There" as it came out 6 months after my Mom died. I cried when I heard the lyrics.

udgoody i was deeply touched when MJ's daugther called him the best dad in the world. i could'nt hold my tears.

Kmont89 wow, MJ's funeral was wonderfully done. i can't stand the media bashing him. Just celebrate his life and the music he gave to us all!

BroJasonHouse MJ's funeral: billions heard the name of Jesus several times. It was said "Even the King of Pop must bow his knee to the King of Kings"

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7/8/2009 12:18:09 PM
eph.5:11 United States
I am sorry to hear about his death and his children not having a daddy now, but also, I don't mean to be harsh but has everyone forgot about him being a child molester? Others can talk about the Lord all day long in a memorial to MJ but I believe he is one of the most demon possesed people in America and his music has aided people in their route to hell for many years
7/8/2009 3:06:27 PM
francisco b United States
francisco b
yes billions heard the name of jesus on mj's funeral I did it was great even marya carey said thank you jesus. but I also heard the things the good things about m.j. love to give. may god forgive him.
7/8/2009 4:22:46 PM
It's sad to hear anyone ided. I honestly never heard of him, thought he was a basketball player. 0_o

Glad people found a way to tell about God at his funeral.
7/9/2009 10:27:31 AM
I feel sorry for his family they must be going through a hard time.
7/10/2009 1:34:38 PM
chezza United States
ok, yeah he was a great singer. yes i fell really bad (seriously!!) for his wife and kids cause he's not there anymore. yeah i am glad so many people came to know christ casue of his death...
but does everybody reeeally have to keep going on about him? i mean how long has he been dead now and he is still on the news?!?! he was a freaking child molester for goodness sakes!!
7/11/2009 3:36:59 PM
Misha Garcia United States
Misha Garcia
How does anyone except God know whether he was a child molester??? I've never heard a whole song of his. Any fool could see that these people probably accused him for money. So he'd pay em. It's common sense to see fronm this point of view. Lots of people are thievin' liars.
7/11/2009 9:22:42 PM
K.Perez United States
This is SO WRONG!!! Why is a "Christian" site/radio station idolizing an immoral, child-molesting, drug addict, creep like Michael Jackson?!!! What in the world is wrong with you people?!!! Why is no one sold out for Jesus? Got shocking news for everyone, M.J. beyond a doubt, is going to Hell. God will judge him and all you lukewarmers according to what you have and haven't done. Simple as that. Oh and Coppelia, I hope they fire you.
7/11/2009 9:30:32 PM
k.perez United States
I'm sorry Coppelia. They shouldn't fire you. I just don't think you should be on air. You just seem to have one foot firmly in the world and I don't think you should be in this position if you can't be a sold out rolemodel
7/13/2009 4:20:32 PM
Misha Garcia United States
Misha Garcia
K perez, Dude what is your problem??? Who peed in your wheaties?? How can anyone know whether this man did that except him those children and most importantly God? As I said those could have been people trying to mooch money off of him. Any low-down fool could see that. That's how people are thievin lying scum bags. And FYI NO ONE is idolizing him. Can't you read????
7/13/2009 10:20:28 PM
A.A. United States
K Perez, can't believe you call yourself a christian. Why attack people that are trying to be objective, from a godly POV. Jesus never judge anyone, he hang out and bless them.
"Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her"  John 8:7
Thxs for throwing a stone at someone that spread the word of God daily through radio waves.
You should apologize. I agree with Misha... CAN'T YOU READ
Be a Jesus follower not a people heater...
7/14/2009 10:47:33 AM
Elaine United States
All I can say is Pride come before a fall..  I'd be careful being so judgemental.  Something I'm reminded of everyday is to give people the same mercy I want God to give me.  Unless you were personally abused by MJ you know nothing of who and what he was. And guess what even in all his sin God loved MJ as much as he loves you...   You know not to judge and still do. That's a scary place to be.   Cops you keep on doing what your doing and that is "being real" and being the sold out on fire believer you are.  Being as Jesus was.. Up front and Truthful.  
7/14/2009 12:42:32 PM
Misha Garcia United States
Misha Garcia
Hey A.A and Elaine,
thanks for backing me up. Somethin' was wrong with that person. Coppelia only wanted to see what people though about the memorial. And this person goes and starts bashing her. Something doesn't seem right there. I'm no lukewarmer. This K. perez is some legalistic pharisee. Does anyone agree with me?
7/15/2009 11:34:10 AM
Julie United States
I am sorry that he was not saved, he could have danced and sang for Jesus, yet he decided to have the riches of this world. And it's too late now, he had his chance for God to forgive him whil he was on earth, now he gets to meet the dude that made him rich, unfortunatly.
K.Perez, I dont believe you should be so harsh, though we dont know 2 sure that he was a child mollester, he did pay the kid that he "molested" a whole bunch of money jst so that the case would be dropped, and he did have a lot of kids come over to his home. K. Perez, if Coppelia should not be on air, dont you think GOD would do something about that?
7/15/2009 11:36:33 AM
Julie United States
uh AA dude, Jesus did judge, and we are called to judge other's fruit. I can give a scripture fr that. The whoremongers and theives and other sinners came to JESUS! He didnot go to them to hang out, he PREACHED!!! He did not say, "Hey howz it going down in Bethlehem?"
7/15/2009 2:46:49 PM
Misha Garcia United States
Misha Garcia
Jesus did tell the woman caught in adultery to go and sin no more. He did say by their fruits you shall know them. Not just to go along with these people. But this K.perez was being like the pharisees. Personally I think these people that accused him were trying to mooch off of him.(as I said before) And that is an unbiased opinion because I've never heard a complete song of his. And K. perez is probably too ashamed of the disgusting lamebrain things she said she won't answer our comments.
7/16/2009 3:01:06 PM
A.A. United States
Two things Julie, MJ did came to know the Lord trough Andre Crouch, who was part of his funeral. In his case and in the case of the thieve at the cross, and so many other that have reached to God in their dead bed, I'm glad to say that I will rejoice with them in heaven.
And for the fact that Jesus didn't approached the sinner check again your bible and take for example the woman at the well, he approached her for water.
7/17/2009 9:42:41 AM
Julie United States
Good point, he approached her for WATER- not to hang out. he knew she would believe in him. And im sorry that i ''misjudged'' mj.  But i thought that he converted to muslimm, but if he became a christian, then praise GOD!!!!!
ANd i know that that k perez person was not acting like a christian whatsoever. But please Misha Garcia, be considerate how you talk, it might hrt her/his feelilngs as much as it did when she/he talked bad about mj. And, you should have listend to his songs to determine wheter or not he was good. Smile Mar 2:15   And it came to pass, that, as Jesus sat at meat in his house, many publicans and sinners sat also together with Jesus and his disciples: for there were many, and they followed him.  
Mar 2:16   And when the scribes and Pharisees saw him eat with publicans and sinners, they said unto his disciples, How is it that he eateth and drinketh with publicans and sinners?  
Mar 2:17   When Jesus heard [it], he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.  Jesus is the only one able to call sinners to repentance- he 4gives the sins. God bless you guys!
7/17/2009 3:15:49 PM
Misha Garcia United States
Misha Garcia
Whatever Julie, whatever. K. perez has to be a woman cause only a woman could do such dumb bombarding.
7/18/2009 9:06:46 AM
k.perez United States
hey listin, i posted that comment like a week ago.
yeah i was pretty harsh and i apologize to anyone who read it and to my lord and savior for letting my emotions get in the way of my judgement. sorry.
whatever happened with michael and the kids i dont know...mj shouldnt have placed himself in a posistion where he could have been found guilty...thats to bad for him. i feel sorry for the guy with his bad childhood and everything else. once again i am sorry for my past comment, it was said in anger and not in love. i hope everyone will forgive me...
7/18/2009 9:30:54 AM
k.perez United States
oh and coppelia, yeah really really sorry, i let something said get me all fired up. so i hope you forgive me. and if everyone here wants to judge me...they should. its my fault. so go ahead. im admiting my mistake. everyone says something they regret. everyone makes mistakes. im young so...ive got a lot more mistakes coming. the only thing that matters is that god has already forgiven me and loves me just as much as he loves my neighbors; and, mj
7/18/2009 9:33:41 AM
Misha Garcia United States
Misha Garcia
Sorry I called u a lamebrain. Hope u can forgive me too. I forgive you.
7/18/2009 9:43:54 AM
k.perez United States
its cool you were totally right...
12/10/2009 5:07:53 PM
Mirabel m United States
Mirabel m
K perez r u sure ur Christian mj is not a child molester go to Google and put In truth about Jordan Chandler and then go to YouTube and put in inside Michael jacksons trial then put in Michael jacksons ghost it's weird kinda scary
12/10/2009 5:09:04 PM
Mirabel m United States
Mirabel m
Never mind k perez didn't read all the comments
12/10/2009 5:12:31 PM
Mirabel m United States
Mirabel m
Oh and the reason why mjs skin turned pale or white is because he got a skin disease called vitilago go to YouTube and put in does mj have vitilago
1/29/2010 8:10:54 PM
KLight United States
I think people are way too critical of M. J. He actually was always spiritually aware & like a week before he died he prayed w/ some Christian gospel singers;he also asked them how he could make his music more spiritual.
  He did so many good things that the media never covered. Things like buying & delivering pizzas  to poor people. And he did not know he was being watched. Kind of traveled incognito while performing this good work.
2/22/2010 7:29:15 PM
TMF13 United States
I believe that Michael Jackson had good in him and he  had difficult times during his life just like everyone does. I really hope he was saved. R.I.P. mj.
2/26/2010 9:19:04 AM
Bethany United States
i think he was demon possessed. read "this present darkness" or "piercing the darkness" both by frank peretti. they are Christian thrillers and once you read them you'll agree with me that he was probably demon possessed.
4/2/2010 6:13:06 PM
C.M.F United States
Bethany, I do not want to argue w/ you, but how do you know for sure that he was possessed? What is it in those books that makes you believe that?
We must all be very careful about  jumping to conclusions about others-- especially those we've never met or known personally.
4/9/2010 11:12:41 AM
O13 United States
people shouldn't judge mj before they know the real truth about him.  
4/28/2010 11:14:32 AM
Smiley United States
Oh come on 013, i mean, seems like 7 other ppl have said don't judge MJ. *yawn* so what else is new?
   No, he is ok... sorry dude.
4/28/2010 12:25:34 PM
TMF13 United States
Wow, it's almost been a year since he died. Time elapses quickly
5/5/2010 7:15:26 AM
Bethany United States
c.m.f. no i can't know for sure i just think so. in these books all these perfectly normal people (there's a college professor, a pastor, the owner of a college, a member of the city counsel) who act normal all the time turn out to be demon possessed just cuz they weren't really christians. i don't know. you have to read it. it was really good. but that's just what i think about mj
5/5/2010 7:02:11 PM
c.m.f. United States
thanks, bethany. everyone has their own opinion, but a friend of his said he was the most misunderstood person in the world. when he was supporting a good cause ppl would think he was doing wrong.

i dont know what to think; hope he wasn't possessed.
5/10/2010 3:24:20 PM
Bethany United States
i hope so too, but i mean nobody's ever gonna know.
5/11/2010 1:41:14 PM
TC United States
mj said once "People think they know me, but they don't. Not really. Actually, I am one of the loneliest people in this earth. I cry sometimes because it hurts. It does. To be honest, I guess you could say that it hurts to be me."
5/12/2010 4:57:28 PM
Bethany United States
i think thats true for all famous people, celebrities. all people ever see of them is their fake side - when they're on stage performing or in a movie or something. but its the inside secrets and hurts and pains that no one sees and that would be really lonely. i've experienced it first hand and i know that being fake with people hurts a lot.
5/13/2010 11:20:57 AM
Larry United States
  Guys, i know you probably won't believe this, but...... Michael isn't dead; he faked his death to escape from a man who was controlling his life.
5/14/2010 1:52:12 PM
Bethany United States
yeah i'll bet - wheres ur proof?