Jul 03 2009
VIDEO: "By Your Side" by Tenth Avenue North

What do you feel when you experience a crisis or a tragedy? Hopelessness and despair come to mind. A lot of people (maybe you) have lost their job, foreclosed on their home, lost a loved one, and have recently gone through personal hard times. This video is a reminder that when we go through those tough times, we're not alone. God is "by your side".

Thanks to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for creating this video, featuring Tenth Avenue North.

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Comments (5) -

7/3/2009 12:49:58 PM
April United States
Thanks for sharing. I love this song.  Loved it so much had to run out and buy the whole album.
7/3/2009 1:11:23 PM
Great video! Really hits home. This song has lifted me up more times than I can count. Thanks God for the gift of 10th Ave North!
7/11/2009 9:10:38 PM
brittney United States
Thanks for this song..It was always playing at night when i was up with my fussy baby that we had to fight to keep in the womb. and i always sang this to him.. weird how God gives you these things.But it always calmed my fussy baby down.So my husband bought me the cd for my birthday i still love
7/13/2009 12:07:57 PM
Misha Garcia United States
Misha Garcia
This song is awesome! My dad had bought this song on Amazon mp3 before it got real popular on Air1 and it's a real good song.
7/19/2009 5:27:35 PM
mikayla United States
i love this song. a couple months ago me and my friends saw you guys in cedar rapiads you guys were great.