Jun 29 2009
FM Static holds #1 spot!

FM Static still has the #1 Air 1 hit this week "Take Me As I Am". That makes it #1 for 6 weeks in a row! Just in case you love that song, but you're ready for some new FM Static action, check out this video of "Boy Moves to A New Town with an Optimistic Outlook", from the same album "Dear Diary".


Boy Moves To A New Town With Optimistic Outlook by FM Static
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Comments (7) -

6/30/2009 9:57:01 AM
Misha Garcia United States
Misha Garcia
Cool video! Like FM Statics new one. Cool little drawings. Hope Air1 plays this one and other songs of Dear Diary.
6/30/2009 4:12:31 PM
Emily United States
this is so cool Laughing
7/2/2009 12:49:56 AM
Logan Burk United States
Logan Burk
Dear Diary is a great album and I totally understand why "Take Me As I Am" is #1.
7/6/2009 12:00:16 PM
Sammy United States
i like this band and i love tfk! its cool how they both have the same lead singer.

( ps. i love Trevor's voice its perfect for the songs)
7/7/2009 9:25:34 AM
Hannah United States
I just can't get enough of "take me as i am"!! i love it!!
8/2/2009 10:29:10 AM
Victoria United States
Wow that is a long time!Give me your eyes was #1 for a loooong time to!
10/31/2009 9:45:21 AM
emily United States
I luvs this song amazing!!!!!!