Jun 24 2009
NEW Jars of Clay video "Two Hands"

This is such a great Jars of Clay video! They mixed in clips of the guys in Africa, during a life-changing trip ... which almosts makes this a life-changing video. See for yourself ...


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6/25/2009 9:39:52 AM
Michaela United States
omg this is an amazing video! i luv it so much!! Smile i think i am going to add it to my itunes and put it on my ipod. it is so inspiring.
6/26/2009 5:13:16 PM
Stephanie United States
Awesome video!  Love how the footage from Africa is used, and of course, Jars of Clay rocks!
6/27/2009 10:16:24 AM
Matt Gleason United States
Matt Gleason
i lllllluuuuuuuuuvvvvv this video!!!!  it is the most awesome one yet!!!
6/29/2009 7:19:16 AM
Awesome vid!!!