Jun 10 2009
Free Classic Crime tickets!


The Classic Crime is going to be touring the country this summer, stopping in the Air 1 city of Spokane, WA this weekend and also visiting cities in Ohio, New Hampshire, Idaho and more. If you check their tour schedule and it turns out they're playing a show near you, you could snag free tickets to the show! According to the band's lead singer Matt, "If you follow us on twitter.com/theclassiccrime, we will try to give away guest list spots daily to people who answer trivia questions correctly. That means you'll get in free." 

I don't know what kind of trivia questions they're asking, but here are a few "Classic Crime" facts that may give you a lead:

Their current Air 1 Hit is "Salt in the Snow"

The Classic Crime is based out of Seattle, WA 

Classic Crime albums include: Albatross, the Acoustic EP: Seattle Sessions, Abracadavers single and their latest album, The Silver Cord

And the band members are: 

Lead singer: Matt MacDonald/ Guitar: Justin Duque/ Guitar: Robbie Negrin/ Bass: Alan Clark/ Drums: Skip Erickson

Have fun!

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7/13/2009 4:23:54 PM
Misha Garcia United States
Misha Garcia
That is REALLY cool!!!!Hope they come near me.