Jun 08 2009
VIDEO: Press Play on NBC's Today Show

Air 1 artist Press Play performed their hit "Life is Beautiful" on NBC's Today Show this morning. Here's the video, in case you missed it!


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6/8/2009 9:07:09 PM
pressplaysucks United States
this band is awful and is a good representation of everything that is wrong with music today. they claim to be christians but this song has no soul and the people playing the music are talentless. please stop trying to feed the christian world this raging pile of mutilated horse manure you call music. in short, this sucks relentlessly.
6/8/2009 9:28:50 PM
scottymoon United States
I think this is the most impressive example of love and Godly living I have ever seen. I'm so moved, I think I'll go bash some of my brothers and sisters at church on Sunday for the way they look/smell/sound.

Thank you.
6/8/2009 10:26:25 PM
Erin Sitera United States
Erin Sitera
I think you guys should lighten up on your comments and should take the time to raise our fellow brothers and sisters up.  I commend Press Play for putting the word out there and sending a positive message in today's society.  By you putting your highly opinionated comments out there, you show the world what compassionate and judgmental people christians can be. Way to go for lifting up our faith in already "Christian-scared society" An awesome way to lead by example.... NOT!
6/9/2009 8:52:03 AM
I agree there is some Christian music in this generation that sounds like a tribute to a screaming heavy metal band, but Press Play is not included in that category...We need Christian music that keeps young and old listeners alike interested in the Lord, and this song is an example of the new "vibe" Christian music has going on!  I appreciate all kinds of music, and when it makes you want to dance and rejoice in this life, what more could you ask for?
6/9/2009 9:29:19 AM
gwoods United States
before i became a christian, i did not worry what i said about other people in public or private, but now... i know that God is watching me wright this email!
6/9/2009 9:20:37 PM
PressPlay...are they any good? United States
PressPlay...are they any good?
I heard this on the Today Show, I thought the band sounded rather awful.  Their voices were too hoarse, like they were about to crack or had smoked since the day they were born.  Under some strange compulsion, I listened to the recorded version of the song online and realized that it actually sounded really good.  I don't know what went wrong during this performance, or if they just suck live, but I'd definitely suggest giving them a second chance.
6/10/2009 8:19:53 AM
GCDRUMGUY United States
Thats Anthony Rick playing C&C Drums. Killer! Great job guys.
6/10/2009 4:41:57 PM
scottymoon United States
@Erin Sitera, I was being way over the top sarcastic to communicate the same thing you did. I agree completely.
The guy I was being a punk to is actually a friend of mine, so he knew I wasn't just being a jerk. This, however, is not really the forum for that.

At any rate, sorry if you guys got the wrong idea (I can see how you would). Apologies.
6/20/2009 6:16:38 PM
nadia Mexico
i love them and if you have to juge them for how they sound on this video go lisen to their cd and you will relize that is not crazy rock music the lyrics on all of their songs are amazing!!! way to go i just became a christian and press play is definly a great band..way to go press play!!!
6/22/2009 10:19:59 AM
Sammy United States
i love their song but it sounded horrible in the video. i wonder if the lead singer was sick or something was just wrong w/his voice that day, cause on the cd he sounds great.
     ps. props to scotty for apologising that was sweet, more people should do that.
1/29/2010 10:20:42 PM
nikkilea1 United States
Just saw these guys (& girls) featured on "Take Action" within the "Check the Sound" program on Daystar...first time I saw them and just loved their ability to reach out and entertain all! Love the attitudes AND the talent...anyone who wants to knock a group performing live - put yourselves up on that stage and see how well you do, or DON'T do...just one of those things (- and we ALL have our 'off-days'...on stage, EVERYTHING you do is dependant upon your set-up and sound engineering, the placement of monitors...just NOT an easy gig, no matter WHO you are!) TY all for trying to spread HIS Word...God Bless you each! Wink
4/23/2010 3:32:07 PM
non yo bisnis United States
non yo bisnis
hey everybody listen, I dont no what happened live, but it was the first song i ever heard, and the recording rocks!!!!!!!
5/26/2010 8:06:23 AM
Miley United States
I always enjoy watching the Today Show in the morning. These musical acts are really inspiring. Who will their next guest be?
6/19/2010 9:11:57 AM
Alisha United States
I have seen them live at Angelus Temple (the Dream Center in LA), and this was not a normal performance. They are usually Awesome live! Not the best recording here, but that doesn't mean it is that way all the time... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PRESS PLAY!!!!!