May 26 2009
Flyleaf prayer request


Flyleaf guitarist, Sameer, is asking us to pray for his 22 year old cousin, Esther. She was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer in stage 4, the most advanced stage. Doctors told her that if she were older, they would've sent her home to spend the rest of her limited time in comfort. However, since she is 22, they are doing everything they can to help her. 

Flyleaf is also doing everything they can. Sameer says Esther is like a sister to him. She does not have insurance, and the treatments are very expensive. There is a website set up to get as much help as possible: I'm sure they'll appreciate knowing their Air 1 family is praying and helping. 

This kind of stuff always puts life in perspective. Check out what Esther herself has to say in her blog:

... we have the full faith that God is in total control of ALL things. Whether God grants me life or death in the near future, I know His plans are the most perfect ones, and it is such a joy to be alive and honestly doing GREAT today.

I want to praise and thank Him for this life and the great things He is teaching all of us through this. I can say that I am thankful for this time, because it puts life into great perspective and shows what is truly truly important.

Once again, thank you all for your love, encouragement, and prayers. I am thankful for each one of you in our lives."

Love always,
Esther Boyalapalli

Esther, thanks for the reminder that God is in control. We're praying for you!

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Comments (3) -

5/28/2009 10:04:56 AM
Lauren United States
I will definatly pray for esther!
9/5/2009 2:44:01 PM
Nicole United States
I saw this was posted in May. How is she?
2/12/2010 9:33:30 AM
Dia United States
I will pray for her.