May 24 2009
Sunday worship with ... Skillet

Try this: close your eyes and have a "worship God" moment, just you, God and Skillet.

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5/24/2009 7:04:19 AM
GJG United States
skillet... leading worship? wow.
5/24/2009 8:17:38 AM
Cody United States
skillet is so beastly
6/21/2009 6:01:16 PM
Sammy United States
I can't get enough of their new song "Hero". I love it soo much! I have to listen to it at least once every day or i'll explode!!(Well... maybe.. i haven't tried it yet)(hehe)! I can't wait till their new CD comes out so i can rock to the other songs on it!
7/11/2009 3:31:57 PM
Misha Garcia United States
Misha Garcia
WOW! It seems hard to believe that Skillet would be leading worship. They are so heavy and hard. But I like their music. "Hero" is SWEET!!!!