May 22 2009
New Newsboys at SWC Del Mar tonight!


If you happen to be at the Spirit West Coast Del Mar music festival this weekend, and you haven't seen the new Newsboys, they're the big show tonight! I'm saying the new Newsboys because this time, we won't see Peter Furler on stage. He announced he was stepping down as the band's frontman, and was excited to welcome Michael Tait (DC Talk) as the new lead singer. If you've ever seen DC Talk or Tait live, you know he's awesome. I'm excited about seeing him tonight at SWC Del Mar. Maybe I'll see you there, rockin' out somewhere in the crowd!

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5/22/2009 5:22:32 AM
GJG United States
I just can't stand that Peter Furler is leaving.... it's awful. Now that he is gone the only original newsboy is the drummer Duncan Philips. I went to a show of there's a couple of years ago on the 'Go Tour'. It was awesome. I like Micheal Tait, but the newsboys just won't be the same w/o Peter. And personally, I think that if peter was gonna leave he should have had Paul Coleman who toured w/ them for a couple of years be the headman.... at least then there would have still been a person w/ and Australian accent singing the songs.
5/22/2009 8:39:28 AM
Lol. I liked Peter too. I loved his Australian accent. No, it wnt ever be the same.
Tait is pretty good though, i i guess.
5/22/2009 9:06:26 AM
GJG United States
I like Tait a lot too.  It just won't be the same
5/22/2009 8:43:10 PM
CourtneyGreen United States
I saw them in concert!!!!!!!! BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE! i wont ever go to another concert as great as that one! Family Force 5 came close though!
5/24/2009 6:45:51 AM
You are - Hillsong Albums
Haow many changes do they have to make until they are no longer the newsboys anymore? As GJG was saying there is only 1 person that is left from the original band.
5/28/2009 10:07:49 AM
Lauren United States
dat is very kewl! (like KIWIS!!!)
6/20/2009 9:53:05 AM
Sammy United States
i think that once a band loses their lead singer its not the same band anymore the sound completely changes.
7/11/2009 3:52:30 PM
Misha Garcia United States
Misha Garcia
I like Newsboys but it's not gonna be the same as others have said. Its gonna be like a totally new band. ***sigh***
10/22/2009 3:58:49 PM
D United States
I love the Newsboys but Micheal Tait is awesome. So it'll be different but still cool. And yeah he won't sound exactly like Peter Furler but maybe he'll guest every so often and if not Micheal Tait has a great voice and it's just another change with the newsboys alot of the guys have felt and came back and everything over the years and the sound still was Newsboys sound
11/22/2009 6:59:05 AM
Bethany United States
it's weird to me cuz guitarists change all the time, but a singer can't just leave . . . well i guess he can Smile it wont be the same Frown