May 20 2009
And the 2009 American Idol is ...

  ...Kris Allen!!  Congrats, Kris!!  Read more at American and to celebrate the victory!









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5/21/2009 7:50:13 AM
clint bellon United States
clint bellon
I am so tired of the winner of idol apologizing for winning and the comments made on the morning show. Political correctness runs rampant. My Jesus was a carpenter in other words He was buff. He insults the people who voted for him and supported him in his victory by saying that adam should win. If he wanted adam to win the show should be based on the judges decesion and not the general public. No matter how hard our nation's minority tries to push shove and have us accept their why of thinking we the people have chosen a winner with morals!!! I do not watch the show idol, did not vote the only way I heard about the two finalist was the news. My God is powerful and bold. He is still in control and can do anything He choses. He allowed our current president. He allowed the winner of idol.How long will we as christians continue to not give God any credit for what He is doing.How long will we continue to ask God to help our nation and not take a stand and defend the decisions we as a people make. In all reality the show is ridicules to me and I do not support the idol show. I listen to air one. I was upset to hear about their coverage effort of the winner on the morning show. How long will we take what God continues to do in this secular nation heading for destruction. Even if it just in a silly little tv show. Jesus was so not politicaly correct.Why do we continue to tip toe around not to offend. I am offened by the way a christian broad cast put My Lord as a wimp. We were founded as a nation on The Rock. Praise God based upon the most idiotic show there still is hope for our nation through the power of Jesus Chirst.
5/21/2009 1:08:41 PM
Kris definitly deserved it!!!
He lives right and I think that he should just appreciate that and be happy with his family! Smile
5/21/2009 2:43:47 PM
Jessica Garcia United States
Jessica Garcia
5/21/2009 5:44:56 PM
Brittany United States
Ohmigosh! Kris totally deserved to win! I was sooooooooo happy it wasn't Adam! (I mean seriously, who sings *ahem* screams *ahem* with their tounge sticking out?) I thought that Danny Gokey should have won though! I love listening to his amazing voice. I hope Kris makes the right desitions in his new life and stays strong!
5/27/2009 3:32:41 PM
Andrea United States
I was so happy when Kris won and not Adam.  Like Brittany said, who screams with their tongue out??  Kris deserved to win.  My dad wanted Danny to win, and I think he could've, but I'm still happy that Kris won.  I hope he makes the right decisions with his musical career!
And for Danny, keep on leading worship!

5/28/2009 10:10:28 AM
Lauren United States
YA!!!! go CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and danny of course..... sparrow records should contract with him....... awsomeness......
6/10/2009 8:20:29 AM
Sammy United States
Adam should have won!!! This is a singing competition not a "whose cuter" or "whose most Christ like"!! Ya Kris seems really sweet and he has a good voice but the only reason he won is that he looks like Orlando Bloom. Adam has an AWESOME voice and he set himself apart from every one else and the fact that he sang the higher notes with his tongue sticking out a little bit is not important IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!! Adam is going to outshine Kris in the record sales and that will show who should have won,(just like how Clay Akin outshined Ruben years ago). Just wait you'll see who the real winner is.
6/24/2010 8:14:11 AM
Bethany United States
for the record: kris allen looks NOTHING, and i repeat NOTHING like orlando bloom. thank you...