May 19 2009
A day in the life of a Skillet tour


Skillet's down to their last few shows on the Comatose Tour, along with tour buddies Disciple and Decyfer Down. Whether or not you got to see the tour, they've condensed a "Day in the life of a Skillet show" down to this 4 minute video set to Skillet's "Those Nights".  You know what? The production/sound/light guys look like they're doing all the work and the bands just show up and play! It's the Rockstar life, baby!

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5/28/2009 10:15:26 AM
Lauren United States
it is just like them to do a video like that. Smile
6/27/2009 6:48:48 PM
turboman United States
Absolutely top notch show in Fayetteville, North Carolina last month!  Wow!  Can't wait to see y'all at Camp Electric.  God bless ya!