May 15 2009
The Almost & Relient K swapped what?


 So what are they swapping? Band members? Songs? Toothbrushes? Ewww, definitely not! Actually, both bands are recording new albums in the same studio in Franklin, TN. And since between them, they have more gear and equipment (see: guitars, amps, etc.) than we could possibly imagine, they've been nice to each other, swapping gear in and out of the studios.

What would a combo Relient K/The Almost album sound like? Who knows? For now, the guys are just swapping gear. Maybe they'll swap toothbrushes if they ever go on tour together. :) 

Oh, and don't forget to check out this video update of a new song by The Almost (it took them 30 minutes to record he word "hey"!) (and Aaron's voice sounds AMAZING!) (OK, go watch the video!) 

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Comments (6) -

5/16/2009 10:44:02 AM
Oh, i love the both of them!!!
Aron gots an awesome voice!
5/16/2009 1:44:12 PM
Jacobhutton United States
dude!! if the almost and relient k team up for a song (maybe even an album), that would be pure and genuine awesomeness!!
5/16/2009 2:27:31 PM
this rocks! I hope they team up for a song!
5/28/2009 10:17:33 AM
Lauren United States
funny! Smile
7/13/2009 3:17:25 PM
Misha Garcia United States
Misha Garcia
I like Relient K but The Almost is so-so. Thats nice that they are helping each other out.
7/27/2009 7:25:12 PM
Melanie United States
I love these guys both so much! They should totally do a song together or go on tour together! ;)