May 11 2009
Why is Jon Foreman from Switchfoot fasting?

Good question. Jon Foreman of Switchfoot is actually going on a 3-day, water-only fast, starting today, to raise awareness for the people of Darfur.

"Can it be possible that right now, two and a half million people are waking up in ... refugee camps having been driven from their homes by violent means? Under the same sun, could it be true that almost half a million people have died of starvation, violence, and disease over the past six years in Darfur? And if this is true, why has the media remained almost completely silent on the issue? Why has our government maintained its current stance of inaction?"  

-Jon Foreman 

Find out more about why Jon Foreman is joining the Darfur Fast for Life. And you can read Jon's blog about it, too.

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5/28/2009 10:19:18 AM
Lauren United States
That's great! keep it up!