May 05 2009
Decyfer Down celebrating cinco de mayo with ... a new album!


The Decyfer Down guys are celebrating Cinco de Mayo today with the release of their new album "Crash"! Woohoo! If you love the song "Fading" that we've been playing for you on Air 1, it's on that new album.  Listen to Air 1 today cuz you know we're gonna be playing it. And if you've never heard the guys talking about it, click on the video for the story behind the song. Feliz Cinco! :)


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5/8/2009 5:15:16 PM
Micah Bray United States
Micah Bray
Very cool!
12/16/2009 11:47:39 AM
Eli United States
I agree! Check out this site:!.aspx
to see more about Dscyfer Down