May 02 2009
Relient K is doing what? Oh, cool!

The Relient K guys are working on a new album, but in the meantime they're keeping us in the loop on what else they're doing. This video webisode fills you in, complete with footage of a recent show at the Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. According to Relient K, "it was cool!"

Relient K "In The Studio" webisode 3 from Relientk on Vimeo.

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Comments (5) -

5/2/2009 5:12:25 AM
Oh awesome! This is so cool!
5/2/2009 1:22:15 PM
Lauraborialice United States
hey! this is awesome to see! =D hope Matt gets better! =D thanks for posting this Coppelia!!
5/5/2009 3:55:02 PM
Maggie Ireland
Poor Matty! I hope he gets better! I love him! (And Relient K as a whole!)
5/8/2009 5:18:45 PM
Micah Bray United States
Micah Bray
Hope you get better SOON Matt!
12/14/2009 1:07:25 PM
Eli United States
Hes well now :-D