Apr 29 2009
Above the Golden State ... and a skull on a toilet?

I'm not sure what's the deal with the skull on the toilet that appears on this video blog, but the new song "Bent" that the guys in Above the Golden State are working on sounds GREAT! Can't wait to hear all the new stuff they're putting together for album #2! If you haven't heard their latest single "I'll love you so", we're playing it on Air 1!

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4/30/2009 6:37:21 PM
Ange United States
When I first heard Golden State, I Love You So. I was totally floored how that song crosses so many generational lines.  It's got a 60's and 70's feel and just blends right into the new stuff.

I could be so far away from Jesus,  have a bad day,  hear that song and I'm right back,  close where he wants me to be.  

What a great tune.  Love Air 1 and this song..

I love you so..

In His name....
5/6/2009 8:10:41 AM
allie United States
This song means so much to me... when i feel like the whole world is turned against me, and im all by myself, i just remember that God is there for me and he loves me. That he understand what im feeling, even when everyone else doesnt. (Or even when I cant understand what im feeling). He does, and Hes there.
Thank You for playing this song AIR1. God Bless.
5/8/2009 5:23:39 PM
Micah Bray United States
Micah Bray