Apr 27 2009
Matthew West improv and Scott's Smelly Feet!

Scott and Kelli put Matthew West on the spot this morning. They asked him to come up with a song, improv style, the way he used to do it when he started his career touring college campuses. You'll have to see the video to find out what happened, but somehow it had to do with Scott's smelly feet. They even ended up on camera. EWWWW!

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4/28/2009 8:34:13 AM
Angie garcia United States
Angie garcia
Hello to all of you.
I just watched Matthew West sing about scott's feet that was hilarious. I missed it on the air yesterday I was in class. Keep up the good work and may god keep blessing you guys.
4/29/2009 2:16:22 PM
Jelly United States
I thought that was really funny!Nice smelly feet Scott,jk (stands for joke,just incase you didn't know).Love you guys.
5/7/2009 11:20:44 AM
ChildofGod United States
Love it! Matthew west can even make stinky feet into a song I want to listen to... hahaha... Fun times with Air 1! Love you all! Keep up the amazing work! ;)