Apr 24 2009
Yo quiero Fireflight, Thousand Foot Krutch and Taco Bell!


Fireflight and Thousand Foot Krutch are getting all the Taco Bell they could want!  They just won Taco Bell's Feed the Beat contest, where 100 indie bands competed to get into the top 3 winners circle.  Each of the 3 winning bands would get a single and marketing support, provided by Taco Bell.  It was up to people to vote, and of the more than 180,000 votes that came in, it was awesome that 2 of the 3 bands were Air 1 faves TFK and Fireflight!  Congrats!  Yo quiero un mexican pizza!  Oh, and a meximelt!

Oh, and did I mention you can download free songs from the winners?  Yeah!

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7/15/2009 3:17:15 AM
Registry Cleaner
I am doing something of the same interest and will be taking note on this .Thank
7/16/2009 8:56:01 PM
Misha Garcia United States
Misha Garcia
TFK is SWEET!!!!!