Apr 24 2009
This is Press Play...the reality show!

Did you know that the band Press Play has their own reality show?  They take you with them backstage, on the road, to TV studios in Chicago, on the subway to the Dream Center in New York, eating steak in Times Square...I love Press Play!  Click on the video below to hear their Air 1 Hit "Life is Beautiful" and check out a sneak peek at their web reality show.  Fun stuff!  By the way, I dare you to try the "secret Press Play handshake" they do in the video.  :)  

The Tour from Press Play on Vimeo.

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4/24/2009 7:05:31 PM
Denys Brazil
Coppelia, always with great news for us. Hug from Brazil!!
4/26/2009 12:43:37 PM
Micah Bray United States
Micah Bray
These guys are one of my favorite bands! Oh YEAH!

5/16/2009 9:33:47 PM
matthew barnett
Press Play is such a class band!  There album is so catchy, unique, and full of so much fun. Can't wait to see them flourish because they are not diva's they are first class men and women.  
5/28/2009 8:57:57 PM
Pinoy Teen BigBrother

I read it,then we could know that the show can makes a transversal to the limited episode and I think it was great work for the users.