Jun 14 2013
Happy Father's Day from Dan!

20 weeks from today, my life will change forever. Lord-willing, I will be a dad. 

I’ve never been a dad. I have been - in no particular order - a son, a child, a student, a paper boy, a class clown, a friend, an athlete, a dog owner, a husband, a spelling bee champ, a brother and a news guy. Never a dad. From what I gather, it’s going to be a little different than all of the above. 

If you're a parent, let me save you some time you might spend on giving pre-baby advice that I’ve already gotten loads of - “Sleep in,” “Go on a vacation,” “Get those dates in while you can,” “Sleep in some more.” Totally on that. All of it. 

That being said, I am taking pointers and things to expect come November 1st, or whenever our little bundle of joy arrives. A collection of fatherly tidbits I’ve picked up so far:

1) From Mandy: "Get ready to know what it feels like to completely explode with love."

2) From Eric: "In any other circumstance in life, if this other living creature were to vomit on you you, you would be like, "Ughhh!!!" But when it's your own kid - your mind, your brain and more importantly your heart kicks into a completely different gear, where it's all about just loving that child regardless of the mess they make."

3) From Brant Hansen: "Start enjoying fatherhood from the first second. They don't just 'leave' when they're 18 or 20. Hold your baby on your chest, and he'll start pushing away with his little arms, ever so subtly, within mere weeks. Giving birth is just putting the rocket ship on the pad and it's headed for its own orbit from the moment of take-off. Enjoy that rocket-child, while he's still in view."

4) From my own Dad: "Wait as long as humanly possible to learn how to change a dirty diaper."

5) From anonymous: "Did I mention sleep in before the baby's born?"



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6/20/2013 8:04:23 AM
Miranda United States
You realize there is a mini-me there who truly watches EVERYTHING you do. That can be both good and bad I guess. We no longer say "stupid" or "weird" in our house Smile BUT our children know how to stream Air1 and listen to their "Jesus Music" as they call it. They pray and ask questions about God and heaven and people's pain and heartache. The fact that God trusts us with HIS children so we can raise them up to love and serve others and Him is so amazing Smile

Also, enjoy the bottle-feeding time. Once they start eating real food...and get picky and you constantly hear "but I don't WANT that"...you wish you could just stick a bottle in their mouth ;) hehe
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