Feb 15 2013
Deep in the Heart of This Texan

I would imagine you can think back, regardless of how old you are, to those few moments in life where you felt like you'd made it: I¹m a real grown-up, with a real driver's license, a real diploma, real job, marriage, house, kids, etc. These are milestones and they can be the defining moments of our human existence. This week, when the switch flipped on for Air1 Dallas/Ft. Worth on 101.7, I felt like a real grown-up.

Before I explain why, let me back up and apologize if this story sounds pretty me-centric and selfish. The irony is, it¹s actually a story about selflessness. We say it all the time, but it¹s true - if people like you had never gotten behind Air1 to support it, forget DFW, there would be no Air1 anywhere. Air1 has been and always will be a community of people coming together to say yes to something right, something positive, and something counter-cultural. But yeah, I¹m selfish. The first morning we went live in Dallas, was the first time that my own family and friends could turn on their radio and hear my voice coming out of the speakers. Initially, I had the reaction of a 4-year-old conquering the monkey bars on a playground, "Mom, Dad, look at me! I¹m a big boy!! I'm really doing it!!!" But the next reaction (and probably more humble one), was emotion. It boggles my mind that through the radio I get to spend time with you every morning. You go to work, I get to go with you. You¹re running errands, me too. Dropping the kids off at school? I¹m in. It¹s like we¹re great friends who've never actually met.

Now all of a sudden, I get to do all that stuff with my own Dad as he makes his way to the office in the West End. I¹m in the car with my Mom as she heads to Tom Thumb to pick up some groceries. Driving around in Plano, it¹s the first time my little nephew and nieces get to hear Uncle Dan¹s voice on the radio (assuming they can do without Wheels on the Bus for a few minutes). Grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, all so much nearer with the flip of a switch. All that being said, I¹m going to try and get out of the way now and let my family meet the Air1 family, and vice-versa.  If you need me I¹ll be the guy over on the monkey bars, trying to contain himself a little bit.

-Dan Dillard

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