Sep 04 2012
Things I've Learned on Leave...

So, I've been on maternity leave for one week now...and I have learned many things. I have no baby yet, (she will be here on the 8th if not before...thank you Lord!!) but that doesn't mean I am not having new experiences. Here are a few of the things I have learned:

  1. My boys have insane conversations. Here is one I over heard the other day: Jack: Hey Owen, can you lick your knee? Owen: Yeah, all the time... Jack: Can you lick the INSIDE of your knee? Owen: Probably. I'll try it in a minute. Jack: Cool. I want cheese.
  2. I have the ability to fall asleep in a chair after dinner just like my Grandpa Gene. Honestly, it is the only comfortable position these days. Grandpa Gene was on to something. I just don't have the latest issue of Guideposts and a magnifying glass....I get those and I will BE Grandpa Gene. 
  3. The island of Anguilla is beautiful - but we could never afford to rent there. (I love House Hunters international on HGTV. It makes me want to chuck it all and move to a foreign country. Just the other day I looked up rental prices on Grand Cayman - never gonna happen) :)
  4. I usually blame my lack of organization on the fact that I work. Nope. I am just unorganized in general. I have gotten better since my kids started school, but I totally forgot school picture day. I sent my 5th grader to school in a sweatshirt and unbrushed hair because we woke up late. My boy has a crazy afro - it NEEDS to be brushed. He brought his pictures home today. Couple the hair and sweatshirt with the fact he got scared by the flash and that picture is going to be a classic when he is 30. Much like my 4th grade picture where I look like The Colonel from KFC.
  5. It is possible not to leave the house for a week. Not my proudest accomplishment, but when you feel like a beached whale - your desire to go "window shopping" or "out for coffee" diminishes greatly. 
  6. I love putting my kids on the bus in the morning. Working in morning radio, it's little things like making lunches and waving goodbye to the boys that are precious to me. If you get to do this every day, don't take it for granted. My little one will NOT leave the house without getting a kiss on his forehead. I will miss that greatly next month. 
  7. When you order a crib in May, don't expect to get it in May. Our crib was backordered. We got it TODAY. Nothing like last minute :) Also, Dan Dillard is a great man and offered his truck for us to pick it up. We somehow found a way to fit it in our chevy impala...but Dan still rocks.
  8. I woke up at 7:43 today. I panicked. I was in the shower while brushing my teeth at the same time before I realized that I didn't have to work. Old habits die hard. Not gonna lie...I went straight back to bed :) my husband decided to let me sleep in...what a great man.
  9. It is possible to get caught up on DVR shows you recorded in February. Oh, and honestly, if you have not watched it in 6's probably not a great show...and you probably don't need to waste your time. The exception to this rule is Downton Abbey. Finally watched them all and now my husband and I talk to each other in British accents....which are just horrible...but we think it's funny. 
  10. I didn't think it was possible to be so excited to meet someone. Though I haven't fully wrapped my head around the fact that in 4 days I will have a daughter, I can't wait to hold her and kiss her and sing her a lullaby I've been singing to her since she was just beginning to grow in my belly. It's the same song my mom sang to me when I was a baby. It's called Turn Around and you can steal it if you's a good one.
  11. When I don't work, we actually have clothes in our closets. We are not living out of laundry baskets. It's kinda nice. :)
  12. York Peppermint Patties in the freezer are amazing. They are even more amazing when you can't sleep at 3am and you can have one without the kids begging for a bite.
  13. Patience is something I struggle with...daily. Thinking you are going to have a baby and having to wait 2 weeks - ouch. That'll make you practice patience. You know, I think it might be more of a struggle with control. I want the plan to work out the way I think is best. You may have already learned this lesson. God is gently teaching and re-teaching me this lesson all the time. I don't control anything...and thank God I don't :) Look at all the wonderful things I have learned in the past week. I have 4 more days to enjoy my sweet boys, and my wonderful husband before our house becomes a family of 5. I have 4 more days to enjoy sleeping in past 4am. I have 4 more days to experience the joy of pregnancy for most likely the last time. What an amazing gift. What a great lesson to learn.
  14. Also - I love small cube ice from the gas station. The FDA now calls ice a food. I think that is awesome.
  15. Finally, I would appreciate your prayers. I had a miscarriage a few years ago. As much as you try to forget that things go wrong...that pain is always still there, even if it diminishes a little over the years. The last time I had a baby, Owen was in the hospital for a few weeks. He turned blue and stopped breathing his first night in this big world. He ended up in one of those tubes with all kinds of tests and medicines and nurses surounding him. I would be lying if I said I don't think of that with this due date approaching. Worry does me no good...doesn't do you any good either, but I still fall prey to the fear and worries and the "what-ifs". Just being honest. I would love a prayer of support this week. Thanks ;)
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9/5/2012 5:52:43 AM
Becky United States
What a great post, I sure have missed you on the morning show, the guys are doing great though, nothing against them.  I am praying for you and your baby as I know a lot of people are.  
9/5/2012 5:57:40 AM
Rachel United States
Praying for you Mandy! I LOVE THE ERIC AND MANDY SHOW!!!!!
9/5/2012 6:03:03 AM
Colleen P United States
Colleen P
You make me laugh.  You make me cry.  I love you so much!  Can't wait to see you Friday and hold our Mamie on Saturday. That is if I get a chance.  Can't picture Owen giving her up to anyone.  He may even learn how to breast feed so as not to have to put her down.
9/5/2012 6:31:18 AM
caitlin United States
Love every bit of this! Great insight on being you. And I also love mom's comment on Owen. haha.
9/5/2012 6:40:12 AM
Mia United States
I loved this post... funny and sweet! I love hearing the real side of the person I love hearing on the radio every morning. #13 made me tear up, it was just so sweet. God bless you and your soon-to-be family of FIVE!
9/5/2012 6:58:32 AM
Sandy Sandmeyer United States
Sandy Sandmeyer
I was in your spot 18 years ago when my son was 11 days late.  ELEVEN DAYS LATE!  After being put in the hospital to induce me, he was finally delivered, against his will, into the world and my life has never been the same since.  Smile  My "big boy" is starting college next week.  I keep listening eagerly for those words from Eric, that your precious girl has been born.  It's not the same without you.  God bless, Mandy!
9/5/2012 7:02:29 AM
Hali United States
Miss hearing you on the radio each morning! Eric is holding his own though Smile All three of my children were born premature (we lost our first baby), so I know all too well the fear of having them born anything but perfectly healthy! Praying that you will have God's peace and praying for a healthy delivery and baby Smile God bless!
9/5/2012 10:38:37 AM
Kandice United States
Mandy, I freakin' love you!  You're an amazing Christian woman with a GREAT sense of humor!

Ten years ago I was in your spot too - waiting for my final baby to come.  (Only I came to work day after day, 5 days after my due date, 9 days after my due date... You get the idea.  Cuz I'm a rock star like that.)  One thing my husband and I did: we went out to dinner the night before my scheduled induction.  I will always cherish that night.  No, the food was just okay, but we got to really celebrate the last night before the baby came, and our hopes & dreams for his future.  We got to enjoy our last day of being a family of 3 and I really got to say "goodbye" to my big ol' preggers belly, cuz I knew *that* wasn't happening again!  I got to waddle out of the restaurant rubbing my belly and saying "I knew I shouldn't have eaten that last roll" to make the other patrons laugh.

I too had a miscarriage, and I've seen all kinds of things that can go wrong (I'm a family practice doctor and did OB for about 4 years) so to have that nice celebration time the night before really helped me focus on God's grace and love, and it totally eased my fears.

Prayin' for ya, chickie!
9/5/2012 4:43:02 PM
Kerri United States
will be praying for you dear lady. You make me smile everytime I listen to you. God Bless you and your family.
9/5/2012 6:10:56 PM
Becky R United States
Becky R
YAY Downton Abbey!  New season in a few months Smile Smile

Miss you on the radio, but so excited for you and the baby.  
9/6/2012 4:06:54 PM
denise United States
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your deepest heart-felt feelings with us. WE LOVE YOU MANDY!! Praying for you and the new little one. God is with you. We can't wait to see her!
9/6/2012 5:50:13 PM
Linda S United States
Linda S
Mandy - You never fail to make me laugh!  I have three boys who are almost men now and your stories bring back such amazing memories.  You are in my prayers as you approach this exciting and somewhat scary time.

9/7/2012 7:07:21 PM
Treva United States
Sure do miss hearing you on my morning drive to okc. I have been waiting to see if Dan mentions you having your baby girl. The Lord blessed me with 2 girls one will be 13 soon and, the other is 3 .You make my cry and laugh . Hang in there and prayers are being sent your way.
9/14/2012 5:48:36 AM
Vicki United States
Love this post...  I didn't realize we have so many things in common... I gave birth to three children-two boys and a girl and yes, my daughter is the youngest.  Mine, however, are around two years apart and my oldest is now about to be 16. I was older when I started my family (close to 30), so most of my friends are grandparents! I blame work for my not being organized at home...  I'm SO happy to hear another mom does too!  AND I think I could totally enjoy staying home for an entire month... if only the grocery stores delivered! Once again, thank you for making me smile!
9/16/2012 1:13:40 PM
Kathy Mau United States
Kathy Mau
Wow I just Love reading your blog!!!  I am so Happy that you are enjoying this new journey of Life!!  Your little girl is simply Gorgeous!!!
Blessings to you and your family of 5!!!
Kathy Mau
9/17/2012 8:00:55 AM
Pamela Bollinger United States
Pamela Bollinger
I love your blog, your daughter is beautiful....congrats...but I am so glad that i have an insite in your life because I have 2 boys and its like a mirror looking at yours and my boys are crazy!!!!
9/23/2012 10:56:51 AM
Mai Yang United States
Mai Yang
Mandy-I just had my first baby on Aug. 4th via an emergency C-section because of high blood pressure. I was normal (no problems) throughout my pregnancy & somehow the evening before, a feeling told me to go the hospital and I had my baby 4 hours later. During my pregnancy leave prior to my baby's due date (8/1/12, he was overdue), I felt exactly like you from #1 through #14!!! While reading your blog, I thought to myself...that's exactly HOW I felt. During my pregnancy, I prayed a lot for a healthy baby because I worried a lot. You see my husband and I are raising 8 kids that are not ours (they are his late sister's kids). We became instant parents on March 12, 2010 when she passed away and didn't know anything about parenting. However, throughout the years we managed to bond with the kids and developed great relationships with them. Being parents to 8 kids isn't easy, but it's not like having my own baby. I experienced that this year and it's the most wonderful and amazing feeling ever. Everytime I speak of my baby, I get choked up because of how much I love him and am grateful for this beautiful blessing that He has given us. I pray everyday for his & all the other kids' health. Children brings such joy into ones life. I am ever grateful for them. Congratulations on your baby & God bless.
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