Mar 30 2013
Shawn McDonald Interview

Shawn McDonald stopped by Air1 this week and spent some time talking to us about his new album, The Analog Sessions, plus some other cool stuff that didn't make the show. Not to worry- we've got the full interview & unaired clips!

Listen here:

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Mar 02 2013
For King & Country Read Dr. Seuss

In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday, we asked Joel & Luke from For King & Country to read a bit of a Seuss classic. Gather the kids around and enjoy!


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Nov 13 2012
If you don't have anything nice to say...

It's about to get real up in here... :) 

I have been without sleep for about 9 weeks. You don't have to have kids to know that when you go without sleep, your not-so-best side rears it's ugly head. My not so best side has been out of control lately. I don't like being mean. I know it's not the right way to act. 

My husband and I had to have a heart to heart the other day because his not-so-best side has been clashing with my not-so-best side and I think we went awhile without saying a kind word to each other. I begin most of my days with "I don't know how much longer I can do this". That's positive, huh? Yeah, great way to start the day. The truth of the matter is, it's not that bad. Yes, I'm tired. Yes, it's rough...but it's not forever. I will sleep through the night again. My writsts will no longer feel like they are falling off, and I won't get up off the floor like a 900 year old woman. :) The question is...what do I do in the mean time? I don't know the answer to that. Maybe you can help me with that. I have been marinating on this verse recently. It's funny how something will come into your mind and no matter how hard you try you can't shake it. That is what has been happening with this verse. Must be something I need to put into practice. 

Ephesians 4:29 "Let no unwholesome talk come out of your mouth but only what is helpful for building others up, according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." 


I am going to work on that this week...keep me accountable. :) 

I am also going to work on eating less bite size snickers. 

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Sep 12 2012
Those Not-so-Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Mamie...


This blog entry will probably not make a lot of sense. I am a walking zombie...but it is the best feeling in the world! We welcomed our daughter Mamie Grace into the world just 4 days ago. 

First, let's address the name. 

We either get - "How cute!" or "Oh. (awkward pause) that's nice" - it's a love it or hate it name. We love it. 

You say it like Amy with an M in the front. It was a semi-popular name in the 1920's...don't be jealous. Mamie Eisenhower was a first lady. Meryl Streep nicknamed her daughter Mamie. That's all I got. 

We named our beauty Mamie because it is my husband's Grandma's name...and his Great Grandmother's name. When we told Rod's mom the name...she cried like a baby. That was the only reaction I cared about. She loved it. Grace is my great grandmother's name. I love the legacy my daughter carries...a legacy of strong, beautiful women. 

We call her Mames, Mamers, Mamie Bean, Mamie Boo,  and it's only been 4 days. 

She is so content. A happy girl. Except when we change her diaper, or bathe her...Then she screams like a stuffed pig. It makes me laugh. 

Flashback to 4 days ago and I can't believe we are here. I was induced at 1pm on Saturday the 8th. Mamie had low amniotic fluid, and it was time for her to come out. In the hours that followed, I could tell something was wrong. The nurses were so wonderful keeping things smooth, but with each contraction, Mamie's heartbeat slowed and that meant something bad. Within a few hours, I was on oxygen and they were hoping that things would progress quickly because she was under quite a bit of stress. Lots of doctors filled the room...NICU nurses, respitory therapists and I started to panic. I remember praying, "God, thank you for the last 9 months, I loved every moment of being pregnat. I'm not sure what is next...but please take care of my little girl." 

Mamie was born at 11:03 with the cord wrapped around her neck. I know it is not TOTALLY uncommon, but it scared us for sure. She was born in 2 pushes (I rock...that's all there is to it.) :) and the doctors immediately took her. All you can do it wait. Will she be ok? She was perfect. No troubles. All of the "specialists" soon left us with our beautiful new baby. I couldn't stop crying...or shaking. I had a daughter. 

Honestly, since then, it has been a blur. I thought I would just instantly remember everything I needed to about being a mom. Ha. I forgot the diaper bag today when taking her to the doctor. She pooped twice at the doctor. Of course she did. Also, WOW there is a lot of extra laundry! I am SO thankful my mom is here. She is our lifesaver. She leaves on Friday - she will have our butts whipped into shape by then. :) 

*I apologize for using the words butt and poop in the above paragraph. I don't think you can write a blog about babies without using those words though..just sayin' 

I have to say, the best moments of the past few days have been watching my husband and boys with Mamie. Hearing my husband say "I love you more than you will ever know" when he picks her up at three in the morning - makes me cry even now. He loves that little girl to the moon and back - and he's known her less than 100 hours. My boys are so excited to have "Mamie time" - They have a little one on one time with her everyday and I know it makes them feel grown up and special. She loves them right back - she never cries when they hold her and I think that is a gift from God. ;) 

One final note. The first day after you have a baby you feel pretty good. You can breathe, the belly goes down a bit and you think - yeah - I look good. The second day after you have a baby, reality hits. Yuckers. I got some work to do. I saw a mom in the hospital waiting room as we left who had a baby that could not have been more than a few weeks old. She was stick thin, no residual belly and she looked liked she stepped out of a magazine. I didn't say anything...just sighed. My husband must have seen her...looked over at me and said "You are beautiful." He kissed me, and I felt beautiful...even 2 days after having a baby - wearing sweats - with no makeup. Ladies, that is an awesome man right there. I will remember that moment forever. 

I walked out of the hospital 2 days ago a different person. I am now the mother of a beautiful girl. What a wonderful new beginning. I cannot wait to spend each day with her.  


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Sep 04 2012
Things I've Learned on Leave...

So, I've been on maternity leave for one week now...and I have learned many things. I have no baby yet, (she will be here on the 8th if not before...thank you Lord!!) but that doesn't mean I am not having new experiences. Here are a few of the things I have learned:

  1. My boys have insane conversations. Here is one I over heard the other day: Jack: Hey Owen, can you lick your knee? Owen: Yeah, all the time... Jack: Can you lick the INSIDE of your knee? Owen: Probably. I'll try it in a minute. Jack: Cool. I want cheese.
  2. I have the ability to fall asleep in a chair after dinner just like my Grandpa Gene. Honestly, it is the only comfortable position these days. Grandpa Gene was on to something. I just don't have the latest issue of Guideposts and a magnifying glass....I get those and I will BE Grandpa Gene. 
  3. The island of Anguilla is beautiful - but we could never afford to rent there. (I love House Hunters international on HGTV. It makes me want to chuck it all and move to a foreign country. Just the other day I looked up rental prices on Grand Cayman - never gonna happen) :)
  4. I usually blame my lack of organization on the fact that I work. Nope. I am just unorganized in general. I have gotten better since my kids started school, but I totally forgot school picture day. I sent my 5th grader to school in a sweatshirt and unbrushed hair because we woke up late. My boy has a crazy afro - it NEEDS to be brushed. He brought his pictures home today. Couple the hair and sweatshirt with the fact he got scared by the flash and that picture is going to be a classic when he is 30. Much like my 4th grade picture where I look like The Colonel from KFC.
  5. It is possible not to leave the house for a week. Not my proudest accomplishment, but when you feel like a beached whale - your desire to go "window shopping" or "out for coffee" diminishes greatly. 
  6. I love putting my kids on the bus in the morning. Working in morning radio, it's little things like making lunches and waving goodbye to the boys that are precious to me. If you get to do this every day, don't take it for granted. My little one will NOT leave the house without getting a kiss on his forehead. I will miss that greatly next month. 
  7. When you order a crib in May, don't expect to get it in May. Our crib was backordered. We got it TODAY. Nothing like last minute :) Also, Dan Dillard is a great man and offered his truck for us to pick it up. We somehow found a way to fit it in our chevy impala...but Dan still rocks.
  8. I woke up at 7:43 today. I panicked. I was in the shower while brushing my teeth at the same time before I realized that I didn't have to work. Old habits die hard. Not gonna lie...I went straight back to bed :) my husband decided to let me sleep in...what a great man.
  9. It is possible to get caught up on DVR shows you recorded in February. Oh, and honestly, if you have not watched it in 6's probably not a great show...and you probably don't need to waste your time. The exception to this rule is Downton Abbey. Finally watched them all and now my husband and I talk to each other in British accents....which are just horrible...but we think it's funny. 
  10. I didn't think it was possible to be so excited to meet someone. Though I haven't fully wrapped my head around the fact that in 4 days I will have a daughter, I can't wait to hold her and kiss her and sing her a lullaby I've been singing to her since she was just beginning to grow in my belly. It's the same song my mom sang to me when I was a baby. It's called Turn Around and you can steal it if you's a good one.
  11. When I don't work, we actually have clothes in our closets. We are not living out of laundry baskets. It's kinda nice. :)
  12. York Peppermint Patties in the freezer are amazing. They are even more amazing when you can't sleep at 3am and you can have one without the kids begging for a bite.
  13. Patience is something I struggle with...daily. Thinking you are going to have a baby and having to wait 2 weeks - ouch. That'll make you practice patience. You know, I think it might be more of a struggle with control. I want the plan to work out the way I think is best. You may have already learned this lesson. God is gently teaching and re-teaching me this lesson all the time. I don't control anything...and thank God I don't :) Look at all the wonderful things I have learned in the past week. I have 4 more days to enjoy my sweet boys, and my wonderful husband before our house becomes a family of 5. I have 4 more days to enjoy sleeping in past 4am. I have 4 more days to experience the joy of pregnancy for most likely the last time. What an amazing gift. What a great lesson to learn.
  14. Also - I love small cube ice from the gas station. The FDA now calls ice a food. I think that is awesome.
  15. Finally, I would appreciate your prayers. I had a miscarriage a few years ago. As much as you try to forget that things go wrong...that pain is always still there, even if it diminishes a little over the years. The last time I had a baby, Owen was in the hospital for a few weeks. He turned blue and stopped breathing his first night in this big world. He ended up in one of those tubes with all kinds of tests and medicines and nurses surounding him. I would be lying if I said I don't think of that with this due date approaching. Worry does me no good...doesn't do you any good either, but I still fall prey to the fear and worries and the "what-ifs". Just being honest. I would love a prayer of support this week. Thanks ;)
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Aug 15 2012
That better not be me!

My son drew this picture last night. I asked if it was me. He said no. He was trying to spare my feelings. It was totally me ;) Never mind the one eye and pig nose, why is a 9 month pregnant lady wearing a tank top? :) He told me this was actually a very skinny lady...I should see some of his other drawings. It kinda made me feel better. :) Later that night, we were in a store picking up a few last items for back to school. Being 9 months pregnant, I'm large and in charge. I don't feel great about myself to say the least. Bending over, reaching the top aisle...all tough. A group of men walked into the store and I noticed quickly that they were are pointing at me and laughing. Look at the big pregnant lady. It crushed me. I didn't think the boys noticed. It took me a minute to regroup, and in that moment my oldest son Jack spoke up. He said, "Mom those guys were mean. It's ok. I know you feel icky, but I still think you are beautiful." It may sound cheesy, but I know that God used Jack in that situation because that is exactly what He would say to me..and you. We may feel worthless, but we need a reminder of who we actually are. No matter how "icky" we feel - God tells us we are beautiful. Even if you have one eye, a pig nose and are 9 months pregnant in a tank top :) I see this picture in a new way now. I see this picture as a loving drawing from a son to his mom. A son who thinks his mom is beautiful. 


IMG_0232.JPG (1.59 mb)

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Aug 12 2012
This is why I should NOT be allowed near tools....

Thought I would surprise my husband and put this together while he was at work. It did not go as planned. There were not even any tools needed...this is a snap together baby chair. It's upside down and backwords. I'm pathetic. If you feel that you are not "handy" - take heart. You are better at it than me! 

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