Jun 15 2009
New Jimmy Needham video!

Thanks Julie, for the reminder that I was going to post this video on the blog when it came out. In case you missed an earlier post about Jimmy Needham, the guy who directed this video, Chris Corrado, was assistant director for major motion pictures like the latest Indiana Jones and Charlie Wilson's War. Pretty cool that he also directed this one, Jimmy Needham's "Firefly".

Here's more about the video from Jimmy himself: 

"The entire video was shot in LA in this very vibey coffee shop. I was excited to have the video take place there because in a way, it was reminiscent of my roots. As some of you know, my earliest shows were in coffee houses and bars near my college campus. So, there was a bit on nostalgia for me to do this shoot where we did. Some might be wondering, "Since this song is about your wife, is she in the video?" Yes! Kelly does make a surprise cameo appearance on screen, but only the savvy will spot her."

Check it out and see if you can spot Kelly!

Jun 11 2009
She's also engaged!


It's Blanca from Group1Crew! This week we heard that Air 1 artist Francesca Battistelli got engaged, and now we can add Blanca to the "no longer on the singles list" list! 

Congrats to Blanca and her fiance, Ben, on their upcoming wedding! She blogged about her engagement on the Group1Crew site. Here's an excerpt:  

I'M ENGAGED!! This is one of the most exciting times in my life because not only am i engaged to one of the coolest guys ever, I'm getting to plan my wedding as well!! (Every girls dream!! lol) In the midst of all the excitement and joy i learned a very valuable lesson that i wanted to share with all of you... that is: Wait on God, he always comes through.

Blanca shared more about how she went from wanting to do things her way to REALLY letting go and trusting God with her romantic life. (How hard that can be sometimes!) You can read the rest of her blog to find out more and be encouraged to trust God today.

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Jun 10 2009
Francesca Battistelli is engaged!

Congratulations to Francesca Battistelli and her new fiance, Matt Goodwin! You may have heard Francesca's music on Air 1 (Free to Be Me is her current Air 1 single). But did you know Matt's also in Christian music? He and his dad are both in the band Newsong (Matt plays percussion and his dad Billy is one of the lead vocalists and guitar players).

So, what's the Franny + Matt story? They met during a fall tour, and then met again on the Winter Jam tour. But Matt lives in Atlanta, GA, Franny lives in Nashville, TN and they both tour, so scheduling time together can be a challenge. 

On a recent visit, Matt arrived in Nashville earlier than Francesca expected. He whisked her away to a park they love to visit. (Cue romantic music) Then he asked her to sit down on this park bench, and started telling Franny how he felt about her. He just really shared what was in his heart. Then he knelt on one knee, and Francesca was in shock! In an interview this morning on the Air 1 Morning Show with Scott and Kelli, she said "It was so perfect and so sweet ... and of course I said yes!"

You can listen to the interview on the Air 1 Morning Show page. And follow Francesca on Twitter for more engagement/wedding updates! 

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Jun 10 2009
Free Classic Crime tickets!


The Classic Crime is going to be touring the country this summer, stopping in the Air 1 city of Spokane, WA this weekend and also visiting cities in Ohio, New Hampshire, Idaho and more. If you check their tour schedule and it turns out they're playing a show near you, you could snag free tickets to the show! According to the band's lead singer Matt, "If you follow us on twitter.com/theclassiccrime, we will try to give away guest list spots daily to people who answer trivia questions correctly. That means you'll get in free." 

I don't know what kind of trivia questions they're asking, but here are a few "Classic Crime" facts that may give you a lead:

Their current Air 1 Hit is "Salt in the Snow"

The Classic Crime is based out of Seattle, WA 

Classic Crime albums include: Albatross, the Acoustic EP: Seattle Sessions, Abracadavers single and their latest album, The Silver Cord

And the band members are: 

Lead singer: Matt MacDonald/ Guitar: Justin Duque/ Guitar: Robbie Negrin/ Bass: Alan Clark/ Drums: Skip Erickson

Have fun!

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Jun 10 2009
Kiefer Sutherland directed this video

Did you know that Kiefer Sutherland directed the Lifehouse video for "Broken"? I guess that's what he does when he's not filming 24 as "Jack Bauer" or voicing characters on movies like "Monsters vs. Aliens". Cool!
Broken - Lifehouse
Broken - Lifehouse

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