Aug 14 2013
Meet Capital Kings!

Jon White and Cole Walowac are CAPITAL KINGS

2 young guys filled with energy, talent, and love for Jesus who have remixed music with Toby Mac, Mandisa, Brit Nicole, and Chris Tomlin just to name a few.

Recently the guys sat down with's Editor-in-Chief Marcus Hathcock to talk about their projects, their unique style of music in the church, and the ways God is growing them in their lives today. It's a great article!  Click here to read it!

Oct 30 2009
New Tuneage on Air 1

  •  2 NEW tunes from SWITCHFOOT  - “Always” and “Mess of Me”!  (Both songs are off their new album “Hello Hurricane” out on Nov. 10)
  • Matt Papa – “Open Hands”.  (The song was recently part of the Air 1 weekly “Taste Test” and actually had our highest rating ever on a Taste Test song.)

  And in case you missed it, we've also recently added these songs to the Air 1 Hit List

  • Seabird – “Don’t You Know You are Beautiful
  • Abandon – “Safe In Your Arms
  • Flyleaf – “Again”             
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