Jun 19 2013
If Jesus Had a Blog: I Told Nick that God Loves the World



Sorry I haven't been blogging much. VERY tired. There was a wedding, then I walked in the temple and... wound up throwing around some furniture. THAT was interesting. Ahem.

Anyway, I was up late last night. This guy Nick came by, and he's a religious leader, knows all the rules, etc., and I enjoyed talking with him. He told me he knows who I am.

We talked about what the whole "born again" thing is about, and I told him that God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish, but have eternal life. I told him that God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.

So now I'm off through Samaria. Planning to stop and get some water. I hope the trip goes "well".  (See what I did there?  "WELL"...? Okay, like I said, I'm tired.)


posted 3/14/0029 at 10:26 a.m.






Yeah. Heard about the temple thing. But I'm more concerned with what you told Nick.

God does not "love" the WORLD. The world is evil, and is going to burn. Maybe God loves His people, but not the world.  

Please brush up on your doctrine, since you have such a big platform. 

- Cynthia4Jesus

Jesus, your trying to be all love love love, but I think you're letting TRUTH slide. Here is what I object too:

"God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him."  

That totally makes people think they can just do whatever they want, and you are willing to look past it. Do you WANT people to sin or something? I don't think so, but this sure sounds like it. 

Do you think people will be all like "Oh, God loves me so much, so now I love him, and so now I guess I'll be a totally different person."  I wish it worked that way! Be realistic. Someone could read this and totally take it like that.

- Trent_G

This doesn't have to do with what Trent or Cynthia were writing about, but I'm just sayin:  I heard about the wedding you were at, and they served alcohol at it.  Did you know that?

- Concerned4U


Jesus, love the blog, usually, but the Bible says do NOT be conformed to THE WORLD. God does not love the world. 

Please put what you say in context with the Word of God.


- ChristLover23

Christlover, Jesus IS the very Word of God. The entire Bible points to him. He IS the Word. He IS the context.

Secondly, the "world" Jesus is talking about is everything - the whole created cosmos. The references to "world" elsewhere are often references to our culture that tries to destroy beautiful things, including us.

And God DOES love the actual world. He made it, said it was "good", and loves it. So maybe you should love it, too? 

He's going to RESTORE it. He wants to do the same with each of us, to give us a new birth, to start over. 

That IS the mission for his son. If He wanted to judge the earth and destroy it, he sure could've done it without offering himself in a rescue mission.

- come_on_people




- lost40pounds




- lost24pounds




- lost39pounds

You know, Jesus, I think I'm going to read another blog.  I appreciate some of your insight, but you make references to worldly things,and I thought this was a Christian blog.  I'm just disappointed.  We should only think of heavenly things.

- GO_NINERS49494949


Jesus, I agree with what you say, but there's way more to the story than just love. To say God sent you here but not to condemn the world makes for a nice story, but it misses the point.

I think you took yourself out of context.  Kind of lame.


- jason

Jason, that makes NO sense. He meant what he said. He didn't deny the reality of brokenness, he affirmed it, by saying the world NEEDS rescued.

Your comment is kind of bizarre.

- Bob

Bob, you sure can be bizarre yourself. Seriously. Whatever.


- Jason

What's up with people writing "cheers!" at the end of a negative comment, like that makes everything better.

its stupid.


- TSmith321

That's neat, Jesus, but maybe talk about how the U.S. Government is watching you, since Big Brother BaFAIL Obama sees what you type here, or your emails. 

- 802Torber

BUSH STARTED IT, 802Torber. Or maybe you missed that, because your to busy watching FoxFakeNews or listening to stupid people like  Sara Palin because your to dumb to read real news.

- becka44

In point of fact, Becka44, Bush did NOT use drones against American citizens. What you are saying is ridiculus.


jesus thank u for making me feel welcome and loving us and this place its hard sometimes i bet

i love u 2.

- horsegurl9

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6/19/2013 12:59:47 PM
Julie United States
I'd like to lose 39 pounds. Thanks for the heads up.
6/19/2013 1:00:31 PM
brant h United States
brant h
No worries.  That link will explain everything.
6/19/2013 1:01:39 PM
Michael Ramires United States
Michael Ramires
"I think you took yourself out of context."

This made me laughed out loud.  Well done.

Brant, thanks for this.  You always give an awesome reminder of just how good God is.

Blessings brother.

6/19/2013 1:05:15 PM
Michael United States
horsegurl9 you are my favorite imaginary blog post commenter EVER.
6/19/2013 1:10:25 PM
Jennifer Wallace United States
Jennifer Wallace
Awesome as always, Brant. The irony of this statement was just too good: "We should only think of heavenly things.

- GO_NINERS49494949"

LOL! It's so TRUE!!! Tong
6/19/2013 1:13:31 PM
keith United States
You left out the grammar police comments.  I saw some your/you're to/too mix-ups.  Well, here it is, I guess.
6/19/2013 1:17:15 PM
Emly United States
Ty for posting this Brant!

Ah...the "you took that out of context" argument. It drives me bonkers sometimes. God refers to us as "sheep" in the Bible...a lot. Sheep aren't the brightest crayons in the box. Since we are "sheep" I doubt God would make such an important message overly complicated; we are human, after all.
6/19/2013 1:28:31 PM
Big E the Exegete United States
Big E the Exegete
Hi Jesus,

Just emailed you the picture of Captain Picard and the double-face-palm.  I think you'll need it.

Love ya Bro!
6/19/2013 1:28:37 PM
Kari United States
Fantastic!  I love this!
6/19/2013 1:31:30 PM
Poopsandgiggles.net United States
Can't begin to tell you how much I loved this.  I really love that Jesus didn't get in on the debate among the people. He said His precious world saving words, and the squabble begins. And it is all over the place. We forget to accept the beautiful simple truth of it because we are so easily distracted.  
6/19/2013 1:32:26 PM
MandyP United States
Awesome! You captured every annoying nuance to blogging and commenting ever and put them all right here. Smile
6/19/2013 1:36:38 PM
Poopsandgiggles.net United States
The weight loss link didn't work...? ;)
6/19/2013 1:56:43 PM
Joelle United States
"You took yourself out of context."

6/19/2013 1:57:14 PM
CamiNicole United States
Brant ~ you've such a gift for breaking it DOWN!!! Awesome job as always!  
6/19/2013 1:57:51 PM
Katherine United States
Brant, you never cease to make me snort laugh.

I love your wit and sense of humor and ability to make people stop and think.
6/19/2013 2:37:58 PM
Rebekah United States
I agree with Michael. I really like horsegurl9, and I would like my response to life to be more like hers sometimes, fictional as she may be.
6/19/2013 2:38:40 PM
Ørjan Norway
That's probably the best words you could give Nick at this time. Good one Jesus. Keep up the good work.
6/19/2013 2:42:29 PM
Elie Young United States
Elie Young
Totally loved it! I am Sharing...because that would absolutely happen.

Cheers! hahaha
6/19/2013 2:43:27 PM
lelu928 United States
Making Jesus sound like a modern comedian is extremely disrespectful. We use his word as an example for how to live, and you will be hard pressed to find an example in the Bible of him talking in such an off the cuff manner. He knew his time was limited and his every word was weighted with a message, if only we used our every word to spread the same message rather than make people laugh...
6/19/2013 2:52:06 PM
Erica United States
Jesus I think this was a very comical and sweet post! So many people have a negative response about "It's not all about love" but at this point in time if it's about anything else then it's legalism not Christianity. I also believe that when most people realize how much he loves them, they do want to do what is right, there are some people who are going to reject it no matter how pretty or ugly it looks. The bible says GOD IS LOVE...so I think it is pretty much about love....that perfect Jesus kind of love. I think making people laugh is an excellent way to plant that seed of belief! Keep fighting the good fight friend!
6/19/2013 3:00:26 PM
Jennifer United States
Why am I always my favorite name on the "comments" ? I LOVE what Horsegurl9 said (as I said before, in another if Jesus had a blog, that's my favorite animal)
I love what you are doing here, Brant. Showing all the controversy that Jesus got- who actually believed in him, and who "thought" they believed in him, but they didn't trust him enough, with their whole heart.
You know, maybe you should write a book like this sometime.
That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6/19/2013 3:03:49 PM
Erica United States
Also, I'm pretty sure Christian does not mean dull and boring. Let us try to do what God tells us to do and love each other and come to terms with the fact that we don't know everything. You may believe a certain way but that doesn't make your belief right. There are many things outlined in the bible and they are black and white....some things are not. Christians please stop with the defensive attitudes, stop tearing each other apart of ridiculous doctrinal battles and focus on the big picture. Try to read into someones heart and not just find all of the things you don't like about them. STOP BEING A PHARISEE!!!!!!! I think Jesus would like this person's sense of humor...have we forgotten that Jesus created them???? Love is the end of the law...try it some time, it's incredible and God wants you to experience it people!
6/19/2013 3:17:46 PM
Hero United States
"Please brush up on your doctrine" --LOLOL, isn't it always the people who think they know so much that turn out to really be missing the important things? Imagine telling the Creator that he made a mistake. I wonder if anyone told DaVinci that he painted the Mona Lisa wrong...
6/19/2013 3:22:36 PM
Steve United States
Making Jesus sound like a modern comedian is extremely disrespectful. We use his word as an example for how to live, and you will be hard pressed to find an example in the Bible of him talking in such an off the cuff manner. He knew his time was limited and his every word was weighted with a message, if only we used our every word to spread the same message rather than make people laugh...
We often get so tied up in the seriousness of life that we fail to enjoy it.  Isn't the joy of the Lord our strength?  (Nehemiah 8:10)  How many times does He command us to rejoice and be glad in Him?  Based on His creation of me, I know He has a sense of humor.  It's good to laugh and to enjoy the humorous things that He created.  We are not just a bunch of robots in stoic and spartan boxes.  He created beauty, and the laughs of children are priceless.  Let the rejoicing continue, (unless you want rocks to do it for you)  with that, a hearty ROTFLOL to Brant for the blog.
6/19/2013 3:41:09 PM
scared_for_a_minute United States
MAN,I actually thought for a while that those were the actual comments and I was like: COME ON PEOPLE! YOU ARE BEING COMPLETELY LAME!!! and then I scrolled down, found the actual comments, and figured out that Brant made the other ones up. so relieved.
6/19/2013 4:33:45 PM
Amy S. United States
Amy S.
WOW! I am sssllllooowwww! that was AWESOME and right on! Our family loves Air1 and man, Brant, that had to have taken you some time to come up with those original comments and cool names to match! Impressive. You rock.
6/19/2013 5:11:49 PM
christinme United States
May it be the Holy Spirit of God be the one helping you with each word that you write on these blogs. God bless
6/19/2013 5:25:13 PM
Heather United States
I'm sort of scared to comment. It's humbling to face the fact that any "original" thing I have to say is probably one of 10 universally stereotypical responses! Then again, that's one reason the Bible works for everyone. A sheep is a sheep.
6/19/2013 5:31:24 PM
Annette United States
Excellent!  I laughed out loud too Smile
6/19/2013 7:30:06 PM
alexsauras United States
god does love the world. john 3:16 for god so loved the world that he gave his one and only son the whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life
6/19/2013 7:42:39 PM
Cat United States
just started air1 love the blog jesus, but the comments made me mad. i love the NICE comments but not the MEAN ones. OH! and B.T.W trentg god does love the world cuz it said in john 3:16 that god loves the WORLD W-O-R-L-D spells world!!!!!!!
6/19/2013 8:15:49 PM
Marcus United States
For the comments like ""God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him."  

That totally makes people think they can just do whatever they want, and you are willing to look past it. Do you WANT people to sin or something? I don't think so, but this sure sounds like it. "

Is that Jesus talking or is there someone else who is sinless and perfect ??? Glad I'm still broken and don't have it perfected yet. Usually I think your dead when that happens.
6/19/2013 8:26:12 PM
Marcus United States
Loved the blog Brant, people just don't get it that the only perfect person was nailed to a cross. So, stop acting like you are. The blog was funny, creative, Biblical, and true. Jesus came to wash away our sins and brokenness. Doesn't mean we will be perfect and sinless because we believe in him. It's not a green light to go kill someone, it's why God sent him here. That much love that a Father would give up his son. Lighten up people. You are already forgiven. And guess what Trent, I'll bet ya a million bucks you will sin again. Sorry man. You will.
6/19/2013 8:35:47 PM
Rachael C. United States
Rachael C.
Totally agree that you should think about doing a book full of things like this, Brant. You have been blessed with a tremendous gift of getting right to the heart of our faith, whether through your humor like this post or in your more serious moments on the show. Keep on keepin' on.

And seriously... a book would be awesome...
6/19/2013 9:16:18 PM
optimisticgladness United States
Really enjoyed this.  If Jesus were physically here on this earth today, I think He would text.....and drive a stick shift. Smile
6/19/2013 10:28:04 PM
aolani United States
Yes, creative, funny, truthful.  Definitely know where you heart & spirit are at (with Jesus), so anything people claim as "inaccurate"...oh well.  We are to build eachother up.  So, peace out y'all.  Aloha! Smile
6/19/2013 10:29:41 PM
aolani United States
Oh, Brant.  You made up those other comments in the article?  Too funny.  
6/20/2013 8:13:18 AM
Cat United States
yeah alexsauras is right god does love the world and b.t.w he's my brother and thats not just why i agree with him.
6/20/2013 8:22:44 AM
Cat United States
oh and aolani LOVE the aloha at the end reminds me of hawaii, i miss it soooo much.
6/20/2013 11:25:44 AM
Jennifer M Krouse United States
Jennifer M Krouse
Relative, Real and very insightful. Amazing how people loose focus of a blog post and go on a rant, but I also love how you related each comment from a different mind set. Well done.
6/20/2013 12:10:02 PM
Cat United States
thank you so much jennifer you are AWESOME.
6/20/2013 6:52:57 PM
debbie United States
then i guess i am wrong when i read, for God so loved the world...  why do people say He doesn't love the world?  John 3:16
6/22/2013 7:34:46 AM
karen United States
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6/22/2013 3:23:37 PM
krystina miller United States
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6/23/2013 4:54:15 AM
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Jeff in Austin United States
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Jesus, I need help. I know you are tired and you know everything but I guess I need to remind you, that you said “you would never leave me or forsake me”. My wife and I are drowning in medical debt, credit card debt and you know I lost my job and need a new one. We tithe like you said to but we are not seeing the “windows of heaven open up” for us. I know you love us but I need your help with peace and provision. Please don’t leave me alone to deal with this financial mess by ourselves. Jesus, where is your hope? Jesus, where are you? Jesus, please don’t take a nap or be busy, I need you to visit my house today, please!
6/27/2013 10:30:26 AM
Rebecca in the UK United Kingdom
Rebecca in the UK
That was one of the funniest, most refreshing things I have read in a long time. Well written, that man!
6/27/2013 11:00:16 AM
Tanya United States
Hilarious!  Thanks.  

I love the creativity of God's people, including the *real* comments here!
6/27/2013 4:01:31 PM
Ryan United States
Whaddup, Brant...I hope to choose the right words, here. I have never met you, I have only heard your voice. I can tell you are a really awesome and blessed DJ...You have changed my life for the better already! God bless you...Love you, Bro.
6/29/2013 3:56:35 PM
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