Jun 13 2012
The Good News About Your Guilt



I listen to your show on a regular basis and have noticed that you tackle a lot of issues and thoughts that most people avoid when discussing Christianity.  I really appreciate your honesty and thought provoking commentary on Jesus.  In saying that I thought you might have a thought on something that I am struggling with.

In the Bible Jesus says "My yoke is easy and my burden is light"(Matthew 11:30) I feel like my walk with God can be really difficult at times.  I know Jesus paid for my sins but I constantly feel guilty about bad decisions I have made in the past as well as the daily struggles I face as a human.  I guess in a way I don't understand how God can constantly extend His grace to someone who messes up so much.  




Hey Jacob!

GREAT question.  I've certainly felt this way, before.  I think most have.

An odd thing I noticed:  When The Passion of the Christ, the movie, came out, I remember so many people saying, "Why'd Jesus have to put up with ALL of that?  Why was it so bad?  Why did he have to be flogged, and mocked, and spat upon, and beat up, and nailed up in front of everyone, and then speared, and…"

And then, later, when we're considering our sinfulness, we find ourselves asking, "Can God REALLY forgive me?  I've done so much wrong, and over and over, and…"

We should connect those two things. When we consider our sinfulness, consider what God has done for us.  Is there anything left, anything He didn't cover?  Are we so bad that Jesus needs to suffer again?  Did he not go far enough to cover MY rebellion?  Or yours?

No way. I'm not that special, and neither are you. There's not one thing left undone, not one more punishment God has to take on our behalf, to meet the demands of the Law.  Nothing.  

"It is finished," Jesus said.  The Law has been fulfilled, completed. Done. And if that was too subtle, the curtain that divided God from the sinners, was ripped in two.

And this is why, too, Jesus said those needing rest could come to him, and find it.  People are positively beaten down with guilt, beaten down with the demands of religions, including the Christian one, and feeling like they can NEVER measure up.  This is because they can't.  But Jesus can.

He fulfilled the Law, on our behalf.  The work is done now, and it's not about what Jacob does, or Brant does, but about what Jesus already DID.  Price paid, and in full.  There's nothing left.  Some people won't like this.  They're afraid if you believe this, if everyone believes this, everything will turn to chaos. They think once you realize how good God really is, you'll be out of control. They'll say, "Now grace is great, but..."  Grace, BUT...  Beware those people.  There is no "but".  If you've put on Christ, there is no. more. condemnation.  And as we grow in love for God, as we realize we are no longer under law, but led by the Spirit, good stuff flows from us!

His "yoke" is easy, and the burden is light, for those who understand this.  It does not mean that living a life of love will always be easy – forgiving others never is.  It does mean that Jesus' "yoke", His teachings, are not the complex, here's-how-you-keep-the-law-better teachings that so many rabbis offered.  Love the Lord your God with all you have, and love your neighbor.  That sums it all up.  That's how He wants us to live.

And your "righteousness" isn't the issue.  His is.  Final answer.  Weirdly, this is also a blow to those of us who grew up suspecting that we weren't pleasing God UNLESS we felt kinda guilty.  We want it to be about us. But it's not.

Use your guilt to drive you back to Jesus, to drive you back to this truth, that for those in Christ, there is no condemnation.  Use your guilt for that... and then drop it.

The pressure's off.  Soak it in.  Take a deep breath.  You know what?  Letting go of all that guilt, because of the Gospel, the "news that brings joy", can free you up to be even more of a blessing to people.  

And you will be!



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6/13/2012 10:57:12 AM
Shannon United States
God has given you a great gift of explaining things so well.  I sure hope that all who read this can follow through, including me. We do need to drop the guilt for the sake of our Lord.  He has given us what we don't deserve but that He wants us to have.  His mercy and forgiveness.  Thank you for putting it out there the way you do.
6/13/2012 11:06:03 AM
Lisa United States
Dude..you rockSmile  It's not about us....have to keep that first in my mind!  Thanks for your show..listen every day at work and on the way home; always makes me laugh, and love your total honesty.
6/13/2012 11:06:56 AM
Melanie United States
Back 20 years ago when I was a brand new Christian and a mentor at my church was trying to help me overcome the constant guilt, she said look at the work of Calvary and say to yourself, "My sins put Him there, everything is paid for, no need for more guilt" Well, it had the opposite affect. I burst into tears and was horrified that my sins put Him there. I think it was a week before I quit crying because my sins put Jesus on the cross. I still struggle with guilt, and I am not sure what exactly I need to hear to help me stop feeling guilt. Please pray that I will some day be able to comprehend and accept this.
6/13/2012 12:07:55 PM
Eric United States
Melanie: I don't know if this might help, but the Bible actually quotes Jesus as saying exactly what put Him on the cross:

"No one can take my life from me. I sacrifice it voluntarily. For I have the authority to lay it down when I want to and also to take it up again. For this is what my Father has commanded." (John 10:18, NLT)

In other words, it wasn't that your sins put Jesus on the cross; it was that Jesus chose to go to the cross for your sins. It was a voluntary sacrifice. Yes, if you hadn't sinned, you wouldn't have needed to be redeemed; but if Jesus hadn't wanted to, He wouldn't have needed to redeem you. Jesus could have avoided the cross altogether if He'd just decided He was OK with the idea of you being lost forever in your sins. But He chose to die for you instead. So Jesus' love for you put Him there.

The remaining two thirds of the statement are quite true, of course--"everything is paid for, no need for more guilt."



P.S. Awesome post, Brant!!
6/13/2012 12:11:56 PM
Paul United States
I'm ready for awesome town!!!
6/13/2012 12:32:03 PM
Lee United States
At first I thought it said "Good News About Your Quilt", and then I started feeling guilty about it...
6/13/2012 12:54:23 PM
Nicole United States
So needed to hear this. Praying for the reality if it to truly sink in so I can live the life Christ died to give me.
6/13/2012 1:09:21 PM
Shovelhead United States
It took me decades to really understand Grace the way you just explained it to Jacob.  I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said.

There was a song by GS Megaphone called "Comeback" that, I think, addresses Jacob's question musically.  "If I must, I'll make the comeback of a lifetime - every day"...

I really enjoy your show every afternoon - especially your honest, loving and open discussion of topics that some avoid.

May God bless you and may He expand your audience every day so that all may hear.
6/13/2012 1:21:32 PM
Jeremy Poling United States
Jeremy Poling
You are not alone. Many many many people struggle with sin. If you aren't fighting your not human. Now here is the key, what is guilt? Guilt only comes from one source the enemy. The enemy attempts to torture us with impure thoughts, addictions, anger, and fear. And when we give into  evil desires even the slightest bit you feel guilty. You see the enemy knows which ones are most likely to cause us to stumble so he focuses on the ones that effect us the most. The key to stopping your guilt is to remember that we are forgiven and then seek forgiveness. Every time you step out of bounds into sin ask for forgiveness. Not once a day or once a week. Each and every time you sin. God is not bothered by you seeking forgiveness He expects you to and He is ready to forgive you every time.
6/13/2012 1:42:59 PM
Larry Lord United States
Larry Lord
This video has helped me put it into perspective.
6/13/2012 1:51:39 PM
Lisa United States
How should someone react after overhearing that they were "unplanned"? Or that anytime the person who was not "planned" tried to speak, they were ignored or argued with?
I overheard my mother speaking to some ladies and what I heard hurt pretty bad.
When my dad and I get into conversations it usually ends up in heated arguments. He has told me that I started doing that when I was like 6 years. I try not to converse (knowing how it will end up) and I have felt so alone.
When people walk around and say "Good News" It is not good news...its "GREAT NEWS"!
I may have not been planned by them, but I was planned by Him. When I feel upset and cry, I go out to my car and crank up Air One! You have no idea how many times, hearing the right song, has made me feel like I can do anything. God's strength is stronger than the deepest pain! Thank You God for being there for me.
6/13/2012 2:04:57 PM
Godfrey Freeman United States
Godfrey Freeman
Cool, Awesome, and the Truth.
6/13/2012 2:36:38 PM
CPL Gilbert United States
CPL Gilbert
First and foremost thank you so much for your prayers. I have to say that the tremendous stress Brant recently talked about in an email conversation applies here. Stress is nothing more than a tool. It can be used to drive a wedge or to secure your relationships. When stress comes into our lives we have two choices. We can let it get us down and let it interupt our lives OR we can cling to the relationships that God has provided and pull ourselves closer to Him. The people in our lives are a gift - no matter their impact or intentions - because they give us lessons that bring us opportunities to come closer to Him. My Grandmother has told me for many years that worry is a sign of lack of faith. When I feel that guilt over prior mistakes, or that loneliness from where I am at, or the bitterness and anger at what other people try to do and say towards my family and me, creep up into my mind and create distraction - I stop and take time to realize I am allowing them to steal my joy. My GOD GIVEN, GRACE PAID FOR, LOVINGLY PROVIDED JOY! God gave you joy through your relationship and knowledge of Him. Wallow in that and it will be hard for any guilt or misery to break through that cloak you are draped in and take that joy that ascends all other in its capacity to surround your heart and mind. I hope you find the peace that is above all else on this earth. He is offering it to us all. In our thoughts and prayers always - CPL Gilbert and family.
6/13/2012 3:25:24 PM
Ingrid Arias Guatemala
Ingrid Arias
Greetings from Guatemala!  Hey, I totally understand you!!  I´ve been a Christian for 11 years and have found that the road is not straight and that it is hard to keep myself as "clean" as I wanted.  There have times when I´m frustrated with myself because I fail so much!  

However, I have understood that God´s Grace is huge and he loves me and has patience with me....and disciplines me as well! To understand His eternal love for me has helped me understand He loves me no matter how much I fail; but also, defies me to be better everyday and to fight my own feelings and thoughts sometimes!  I serve in my church and want to grow up in serving my God, and I think that having people under your care also challenges you to be better every day....just as the Bible says:  I sanctify myself because of my love for them!!



6/13/2012 6:04:19 PM
Stacie United States
You'll never know how much your words impacted my life today.  I messed up really bad a few years ago and I have struggled all this time to let it go.  I feel like I knew that God had forgiven me, but I couldn't forgive myself.  It's come into the light recently and there are some people who haven't been able to forgive me, which has caused it to be heavy for me again.  After hearing the way you described forgiveness today, about how it's not about us, was truly freeing.  I thank God for you and your words.  Thank you.  
6/13/2012 9:51:44 PM
Raquel United States
I wanted to add one other thing. The caller states "I don't understand how God can constantly extend His grace to someone who messes up so much." He asked us to forgive our brother 7x70 times...God practices what he preaches. He readily forgives our sin when we come to Him, as he asks that we do for others, even if they don't ask. In doing this, He leads by example. And it's not "how can He do this", He is love, it is not in his nature to do otherwise. Also, if we truly accept the grace of God, that we are truly forgiven, we won't descend into anarchy...in fact just the opposite. For as we truly accept His grace, we will become more like Him, and closer to His will, which is order and perfect love.
6/13/2012 10:18:04 PM
Melanie United States

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to me. I appreciate it. I have never heard anyone say this, pastors and other Christians are always talking about how our sin put Jesus on the cross. I have never heard anyone say what you said.
6/14/2012 3:47:17 AM
Christian A. United States
Christian A.
Thank you for reading this on the air yesterday afternoon. It's great that you get such a clear gospel message out. None of the other DJs really do that. Frown  Thank you, Brant. May God use your words to save souls. Smile
6/14/2012 12:49:04 PM
Lisa United States
At the moment I am having to live with my parents again until I can get another place of my own and it is very difficult sometimes. The arguements we get into make me feel badly for responding in the ways that I did (things said) not cursing or swearing but...it is difficult to explain...sometimes I just need to realize that he really doesn't want me living with them, but since I am single mom of 3, and having to resort back to living with parents...is frustrating, but I know that when I humble myself and do not rise to the arguement, it stops on my part anyways. I just want to pray for my dad. I know he is under a lot of stress and the things he says sometimes hurt so bad (I know it is because he is hurting). Please, Lord, help me to control my self so that my dad will be less stressed out. Thank You, Amen.
6/14/2012 1:44:02 PM
Emily United States
Those Epic Adventures for Mount Prize are so dorky and hilarous!!! They make my day Tong
6/15/2012 8:04:36 AM
Parker United States
Excellent explanation Brant.
6/25/2012 7:35:31 AM
Jim United States
Thank God for events like Icthus!!  Attended with my wife and 8 yr old daughter who is a huge Toby Mac fan, Jamie Grace and 7 Fire Flight.  I am so glad her favorite music is connectted to Christian music.  She met a number of the artist, as we worked the Compassion booth near the artist stage entrance.  She said it was one of the best days of her little life.  I am so glad so many artist have answered the call on their lives and committed their music to Gods glory. Please continue to promote events like Icthus and the value of.  We had a blast!! Thank you for what you do!!
6/28/2012 9:34:43 PM
Corbyn United States
I know what you mean Jacob. I am 16 years old and for a long time I couldn't understand how a perfect, and just God could truly love an retched sinner like me. People told me that I should "like myself more", or "stop being so hard on myself", but I just couldn't shake the feeling of unworthiness. Around 6 months later my two best friends had moved away and I felt very much alone. That is when I found how GREAT God is. In my time of need He was my only true friend, and I am very happy with the knowledge that He loves me more than I can imagine. I found my purpose in Jesus and I now know what "saved by grace" truly means. Smile
Brant you nailed it on the head perfectly. Thanks,
7/2/2012 12:39:09 AM
Ocala Family Lawyer United States
Ocala Family Lawyer
Really Excellent explanation.
7/2/2012 6:59:44 AM
Nina United States
This is the simplest, most profound, life-changing explanation of the gospel I have ever heard.  Thank you for this Brant.
4/21/2013 3:28:03 PM
Emilie United States
Air1 just reposted this on facebook. Couldn't have been more timely. Thanks so much Brant.
4/21/2013 3:58:05 PM
Gerard Cayo United States
Gerard Cayo
Yes He did pay the ultimate price in order to fulfill the law. Anything bought and paid for is not free. No where does it say we have free will, so be careful what you do with the will He has graciously given us. If we put Jesus at the center, and live life for Him daily, then we can't go wrong.

Matthew 10:37 Jesus said, "Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." (NIV)

4/21/2013 4:45:35 PM
Jackie United States
Thank you so much Brant! I often have to remind myself of this or I will make myself so sick and stressed out by everything else going on, or if I'm doing this or that the right way. Currently I am fighting for gaurdienship of my father who has been in a coma for the past month due to an accident at work. My dads wife, who is taking my sister and I to court for complete gaurdianship of him, constantly tells me I'm not being Christ like and I need to stop going to church. The weekend after this last thanksgiving she left my father. She recently came back 3 days before his accident. I will admit I do not trust her but I have forgiven her for breaking my dads heart. I pray all day for God to help me through this and I know He will. I'm 22 years old and support air1, my church and a child. I tell Jesus I want to live like Him and do right with everything I do. I have faith that everything is going to work out for my family's good and God's will will be done. He will stand behind me  in that court room, and He reminds me daily, as does a ir1, that I am good enough, and I am doing enoug. I thank Him for His grace, mercy, and blessinggs daily. He is so good to all of us. I remind myself no matter what happens or what the world tells us, God has us and He will never forsake us. No matter what evil tries to do to us He will turn that in to something beautiful. Thank you again.
4/22/2013 4:52:52 AM
Randall Sherrell United States
Randall Sherrell
Thanks Brant, Well Said! Love, Prayers, and Peace!!
4/22/2013 9:27:28 AM
Karen Benedum United States
Karen Benedum
Words of healing, Brant, words of healing...
4/24/2013 3:30:31 PM
Kate Canada
Wonderful.  The best book I have read on this subject is The Pressure's Off by Larry Crabb.
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