Apr 16 2012
New Idea Processor!

Just use this handy flow-chart when confronted with new ideas!  I totally drew it myself.  Thanks.























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4/16/2012 1:55:52 PM
WodFamChocSod United States
Hahahaha nice!
4/16/2012 2:11:12 PM
Matt United States
This isn't the right forum for this question, but I'm not on the Facebook, so I'll pose it here:

Air1 recently played (and frequently plays) a new song by Group 1 Crew titled "He Said"..heck, it's even #4 on the charts right now.  

Here's my comment/question:  The phrase "He won't give you more than you can handle/take" bothers me a bit.  And since those lyrics are paramount to the song, I wanted to comment.  Nowhere in my bible does it say anything about not giving me more than I can take.  Many times, however, the scriptures point to individuals saying they are past their breaking point and they cannot handle it anymore.  1 Cor 10:13 is frequently quoted on this topic, but to me that talks about temptations, not necessarily giving someone more than they can handle.  Ready?  Discuss!
4/16/2012 2:15:32 PM
Brant Hansen United States
Brant Hansen
Hey there..  

We've gotten a few comments about that song, making that very point.

I think you've got a great point.  I cut them some slack, though, given they may be saying, in effect, "with God in your life", if that makes any sense...?
4/16/2012 2:24:37 PM
Matt United States
Sure, I'll buy that.  

I absolutely love your show and this is the first thing to actually bring me to comment.  By no means a huge deal, just one of those "pet-peeve" type things that bugs me.  Also somewhat funny based on your decision tree.

We went through some crazy stuff with my daughter a few years ago (she's doing awesome now) and had some church friends over that said the comment in question to my wife and I.  Of course, we smiled politely at the time, but (my opinion here) that quote doesn't really do the folks going through the hard time much good.  The way I see it, the only thing that I can't take/handle is something that actually ends me life here on earth.  Anything else He throws at me (see Job) I can "handle".  I guess it gets into the definition of take/handle.

Anyways...keep up the good work!
4/17/2012 2:49:19 AM
LoveWorks United States
Brant, I love the chart! It made me laugh.

Question: What if what one was doing was not well?
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