Nov 28 2011
The "Totally NOT Safe..." Podcast: A Counselor Talks About Childhood Sexual Abuse...and God

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In this podcast:  We talk about childhood sexual abuse, and healing.  A few of the questions:

How do we approach forgiveness, for something so horrific?

What hope is there for those who've endured this?

Why so much denial within families?

How can surivors of childhood sexual abuse trust people again?  Or trust God?

A bit about Kathy:  She is a licensed psychotherapist who counsels victims of childhood sexual abuse.  She is a counselor, and an occasional speaker, for the Heath Evans Foundation. She's a former adjunct professor with Palm Beach Atlantic University, and has worked with Henderson Mental Health Clinic, as well as Children's Home Society.  Kathy has a private practice in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and has authored a book releasing next year.  She can be contacted at her email address:

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11/29/2011 3:00:01 PM
Patia United States
Very informative interview! I know of a good resource for families who want to keep their children sexually pure and safe. In June 2011 I was helping at Overland Missions and they had a fantastic guest speaker, Olindia Bresser, who was sexually abused as a child. God has healed her and she has written a book called "Not Guilty" for boys and girls. Excellent book for parents and grandparents to read to children and help prevent sexual child abuse. Her web site is: She provides training and books. Check it out! God bless and protect our children!
11/29/2011 9:55:27 PM
stephanie United States
It's a sad and broken world we inhabit. I have finally begun counseling to deal with the abuse I endured thirty years ago. Thanks for shining a light on this. The more we spotlight the truth, my hope is the shame if the stigma will lessen and more people will reach out for help. The shame that imprisons the sexually abused is like nothing else I know.
12/4/2011 2:02:09 PM
alice United States
I just would like to say that, I was abused by the preachers 17 yr old son abused my twin sister and I when we were 9 or ten years old. I have since of course forgave the boy. And no we did not report him. My sister did not handle it quite as well as I did. I was blessed by GOD by not dwelling on it. MY sister still struggles with it sometimes.  I know that it was not my fault and unless the boy has asked for forgiveness for it I know he will be judged by GOD. I do not know why GOD chose to remove it from my short term memory. I remeber every detail as if it happened yesterday. But I do not feel angry any more so I would like all to know that GOD Can take all of your pain away if you ask.  
2/17/2012 3:29:04 AM
Trinity United States
Our place is very cruel,having to children be involved in sexual abuse. Those people should be punished or  put into death sentence by eltric chair or lethal injection. But i prefer torture n this case those people who will do this will really think about it before doing this act of madness.

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