Nov 07 2011
Does "Falling in Love with Jesus" Skeeve You Out?

So somebody's Facebook "religion" profile says this:  "Falling more and more in love with Jesus."
A friend calls me, and grills me about what I think.
"Does this kinda skeeve you out?  Is it kinda immature, really?  Is it kinda inappropriate...?"
Answer, for my part:  Nope. 
I mean, yes, on the skeeves-me-out thing -- a little, yes, I'm a guy --  but honestly, I get why someone would say this.  I don't think it's too simple.  I don't think it's immature.  I don't think it's one of those I-could-be-singing-about-Jesus-or-my-girlfriend lyrics.  I think it makes sense.
"But doesn't it imply kind of a romantic element to the relationship?  Isn't that inappropriate?" 

Well, I'm not the one who chose the "bride of Christ" metaphor.  The Great Wedding Feast is going to happen, and you're not invited just to attend.  You're invited to be standing up, front and center.  And, following the metaphor:  You're the one getting a ring.  I didn't make that up, and the Facebook "falling in love" person didn't, either.  And I didn't write the Song of Songs, or Hosea, who got to understand how God feels as a jilted lover.
"Falling in love" doesn't seem more inappropriate than, "Do you take this man...?"
"But there's a lot more to Christianity than 'falling in love' with Jesus."
I used to agree with that.  Now?  Not so much.
Jesus was the one who boiled it all down, and, you can bet, the religious folk didn't like it one bit, when he said that all the rules could be summed up with one, and another like it.  "LOVE the Lord your God..." 
Love God.  With all your heart, soul, mind, strength... love.  Jesus said that.  Too simple?  Yeah, it still bothers religious people.  We desperately want to make this a pure intellectual exercise, checking off beliefs and arguing doctrine.  We want our religious educations to mean something, all those hours at seminary, or in Sunday School, or listening to sermon after sermon, or reading Christian books.  And then someone comes along and "sums it all up" with love?
Some didn't like that, and some don't like that.  And then he went and picked a bunch of uneducated types to be his disciples.  Rabbis don't do that. It's a point no one could miss, and the religious didn't like it.
"But it makes things too simple.  It sounds like something a young Christian, who doesn't know much, would say."
Maybe.  But you know what?  It also sounds like something a very old Christian would say.
Paul Ricoeur wrote that there's a "second naivete at the far side of complexity."   That's kind of a mind-bender, but think about it:  We start with "Jesus loves me, this I know," and then we complexify everything, and debate pre-destination and women's roles in the church or whatever, but when we're sitting on the front porch, in our twilight, watching our great-grandchildren, we're not into debating anymore.  It's back to "Jesus loves me, this I know."
True maturity might just mean the ability to distill things to their essence.  To simplify.  To know what really matters.  To weed out the frivolous, and, just maybe, expand our idea of what "frivolous" really means. 
"But isn't it going too far to say it comes down to just 'loving' God?  Just 'loving' Jesus?  What about all the stuff we're supposed to do to prove our love?"
Jesus said there would be impressive-sounding religious people who will say to him, in the end, "Lord, didn't we do all this awesome religious stuff for you?" (my paraphrase) and he's going to say, "I didn't know you."
He wants our hearts.  We are to love him.
"But that sounds almost childlike, like just anyone could do that, and -- "

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11/7/2011 11:42:29 AM
Joy United States
Dude, just.  .dude. . .Thank you. Exactly. Sharing, my friend. Laughing
11/7/2011 12:02:30 PM
Debbie Sneddon United States
Debbie Sneddon
This brought the Gene Edwards book "The Divine Romance" to my mind. Also a Beth Moore Bible study. I think it is the Revelation one where when we look at Jesus it will be like when you first are falling in love with someone, but over and over again until we never get over it we are continually falling more & more in love with our Savior---I WANT it to be like that forever--- beginning now whether it is romantic or not... He created romance so he knows how we are wired and what we desire. I always loved that part best. The Word says we must come with the faith of a little child & I think the love will be like that, little children don't hold back for the most part, I want it to be like that.
11/7/2011 12:05:28 PM
beth United States
WOW, thanks for once again putting into words, most eloquently I might add, what I've been feeling. Sometimes it's hard to hold onto those simple words Love your God when people are telling you what Christianity "means". They know the Scriptures backwards, forwards, sideways, much better than I ever will. Yet it's the concept of God's pure, unending love for us and our putting God first because there is no other love that can compare. Again THANK YOU!

P.S. I'm the one who asked for C.S. Lewis recommendations and you are so right - HE ROCKS, reading the Narnia series. Also again thanks for recommending Tim Keller - The Prodigal God. Eye opening and realizing yikes I'm the elder son!
11/7/2011 12:36:16 PM
Adam United States
It isn't really romantic love. It is more like a father-child love or a younger sibling-older sibling relationship. With God the Father you have a relationship much like you do with parents.  Except God is always right and never puts himself first, yet he isn't the kind of parent who spoils his children.  God is the perfect parent, he shows compassion liberally and rebukes in love. Then the Jesus relationship is much closer to what is probably the deepest non-marital bond, brotherhood. If a child has siblings, their siblings will be their first and closest true friends.  No matter what, your brother will always be your bestfriend and your sister will always be your bestfriend.  You may fight, but if somebody wrongs your sibling, it is on!

Though, here is what I'm pretty sure is a major secret of life: there are no adults.  An adult is someone completely independent of anyone or anything else. People do grow up and become more independent, but most of adulthood is an act.  At no point in life does anyone obtain certainty of the future. At no point do children emotionally detach themselves from their parents. At 20, at 30, at 50, at 80 any major hurdle will make someone feel like a terrified child who just wants their mommy and daddy to hold them and tell them 'it is all ok'. (Refusing to show your weaknesses only means you are preventing anyone from loving you.) So childish is actually normal, because guess what, I am a 6-foot kid and I don't want to grow up.
11/7/2011 1:39:49 PM
Jennio United States
Brant, I miss you. I'm so glad I happened to check your blog today. It's always good to be reminded of The Great Romance. Thanks man.
11/7/2011 1:50:45 PM
Brenda United States
Hey Brant, I have had this discussion in the past. While it is that simple, everything stems from it. Think about your worldly relationships, what so you do for the people that you like, and what do you do for the people you love? All this other stuff that people seem to think you need to do to be a Christian is simply stuff we aught to be doing out of love for God. I mean, I tell people about my children and their achievements not to be a "good mom" but because I love them and I am proud of them. If I love God more than even my children, how much more will I do for him out of Love.
11/7/2011 1:51:23 PM
Raquel United States
I think the main reason people have problems with these 2 things are this:
1) In our culture, platonic love is hardly ever talked about, and even less understood. People don't really know how to "love your neighbor" anymore. We eat, live and breathe sex and romantic love, thanks to the media, so platonic love is almost to a point where it's taboo.

2) People have a real hard time wrapping their heads around "all we have to do is love Jesus". The fact of the matter is, as we grow in our love for Jesus, we will automatically be compelled to "do" the "things" we're "supposed to do" out of our love for Him. Not because we're "required" to. The only thing "required" to enter into Heaven is to believe that Jesus gave his life for our sins, when we could no. So that we could grab hold of the forgiveness of God. Everything else that people think we "should" do we will want to do, as we grow to love Jesus more and more.
11/7/2011 1:51:37 PM
Mike Shamburg United States
Mike Shamburg
...that simple? Loving God? We stink @ loving. It's hard work 'cause we seem to want to hate, dislike and grumble rather than love. So while it's a simple statement it's very hard for us as simple people to live it out. So yah, Loving God is hard, and it's simply what we need to do...that's all, just love Him. The rest (the "works") is a bi-product of the love...and that's all He asks for. Brant, you're an awesome, loving product of God.
11/7/2011 1:54:03 PM
frank United States
as an older listener,47
, i hope my comments still count. i totally agree with you, the message is simple and so are the 2 commandments by the LORD your GOD with all you heart,mind,soul and strength. all 4 of my daughters understood the simplicity of this message, and accepted JESUS into their hearts at the age of 3 or 4. yes reading the BIBLE is vital,but they understood, and couldn't read the BIBLE at that age. love the long hair, i have long hair as well, and a gotee. don't cut your hair.
11/7/2011 1:57:47 PM
Brenda United States
IN response to Mike, As my pastor likes to say, "it is simple, not easy." And I find that to be so true!
11/7/2011 2:01:52 PM
Rob United States
Hi Brant,

I think the best answer or proof to your idea of such a simple concept is the thief that was crucified next to Jesus. I'm no expert by any means, but as far as I know, that thief was one of the few people Jesus Himself said that his name would be in the book of life. That thief was saved by faith alone. He didn't tithe, serve, step foot in a church, fast, or speak in tongues, or baptized. That exemplifies the purity and simplicity of God's love for us that He makes it so simple and easy to follow Him and become saved. I do believe that given the time and chance, God would expect that thief to do some of those things as a new believer, but the essence of his salvation was simply to love Jesus. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

Sincerely, Rob C.

Ps. I'm the one who asked you about your opinion on inter-racial relationships in the Christian community.
11/7/2011 2:07:54 PM
Paul Carson United States
Paul Carson
Hey Brant, I listen to you all the whole day in me shop. I have had No problem Loving Jesus! if it wasn't for Him - I would not be here! The Old Paul was in to drugs, drinking and wanting to kill himself. I thank my Father, that was over 30 yrs ago. We need to realize this one thing, Human love, is in no way God's love. Human love is strickly by the flesh - our will and emotions. God's love goes beyond all that, it is what has been shed abroad our hearts the day we were Born-again. Another thing is, that we live in a carnal world that shuns all but the lust of the flesh, and so people have come to believe that this is the only way to love. Isn't this what satan wants, to try and draw us away from the Only true Love? God's Love. 'JESUS' Jesus has Always been there for me, even when I was acting ugly and selfish. Hope this all makes a difference.
11/7/2011 2:32:33 PM
Cheese Doodle Bandit United States
Cheese Doodle Bandit
He did say we must be like the little children...

I can only hope and pray that I can be like that Facebook person.  I mean, I know I CAN be (Jesus told us to do it, right?  And He never gives us more than we can truly handle), but actually being that is another story.  Good thing it all boils down to love, yes?  None of us would be here without a second (or third or maybe 50th) chance.
11/7/2011 2:37:32 PM
Brian United States
I agree that Christianity is that simple, but it's also much more complex at the same time.  You don't need a theological degree to come to Christ.  You just need to give Him your heart.  All the knowledge that comes from reading the Bible is useless without a deep, ever-growing love of Christ, but the more we learn, the more we fall in love with our Creator.  And when we do that, we can't help but be a witness to this fallen world, because God's love radiates out from us.

I was thinking about that statement that Jesus made a while back, and I think I figured something out.  It's the Cliff's Notes version of the 10 Commandments.  The first 4 commandments tell us how to love God, and the last 6 commandments tell us how to love our neighbor.  Jesus was just breaking it down into terms that anyone could understand, no matter how educated they were.
11/7/2011 3:37:04 PM
nicolej United States
EXACTLY!! haha, dude, yeah, you toatally got it completely exactly right. yeah...
11/7/2011 3:47:35 PM
bje United States
When I was younger and fell in love with someone it was like they were the only one in my life. No one else mattered. I was willing to give up everything i was to be a part of them and support them and I felt safe.
If that is romantic love, then that is the same love I have for Jesus.
i see him as sort of the captain that I would follow anywhere and I'd give up my life for him.
We had an argument with an atheist who said you could not logically explain faith in Christ.
We told him you could not logically explain love for another human and the reason he could not undersstand why we had faith in Christ was that he never loved Christ the way we loved him and that if he did, then he would know why we had faith in him, because you can't love someone and not have faith in them. They go together.
There is still more to it as the relationship grows, but the base of it, the foundation, is love and faith and without those, anything you build up will fall down, so it depends on what kind of building you want or need to house your relationship with Christ, some folks are okay with the open sky, some want a tent, some want a castle, but at the heart it is about the foundation, the simple... anyway... can see both sides of it.
11/7/2011 4:32:11 PM
Lee United States
For those of us that grew up in the Church, the concept of falling in love with Jesus is an odd one. For new believers, not so much. I have friends who are recent converts. I envy them that experience. The newness of it. The discovery. Sometimes it feels like me and Jesus are an old married couple. Still great, but not quite the same.
11/7/2011 8:08:04 PM
Hannah United States
Yeah, but for those of us who don't really feel emotional love, platonic love for God is sort of all we have to work with. I've always struggled with the emotion thing and emotional love is kind of a foreign concept to me. I try to work with an emotion-free version of love because that's the best I can conjure up. It works pretty well. But it's tricky in a culture that makes love all about emotion.
11/7/2011 9:07:18 PM
Elena United States
Well said! It's that simple. If you love someone you live in kind with them. All the other stuff falls into place (so to speak). "Let the little children come..." it's that simple.

11/7/2011 9:20:42 PM
Breann United States
I agree with you Brent. I understand what "facebook person" is saying I grew up going to church on sundays and wednesdays i was even in Bible bowl, it was not until God took me and shook me to my core that I really started to Love him and that we really got to know each other. Now out relationship is like a marriage (life long comitment) I love God with every fiber of my being he is with me from the time i wake to the time i Wake. God is there when i go to bed and is with me all night long protecting and comferting me through the night, he is with me when i am at the grocery store standing with his hand on my shoulder or my hand as i am walking through this life protecting and guiding me to closer and closer to him. God will always come first. God has my heart and he controles who gets it not me. I chose to give my Heart to God and God has blessed me and is still blessing me. God has shown me things i could never have dreamed of but i can not wait till they happen. if this skeeves you out maybe you need to pray for understanding instead of judging me and my walk. you wouldent want someone commenting that your relatinship with God is wrong or gross, nor would you want someone to tell you, your praising God wrong, DO WHAT YOU BELIVE IS YOUR EXPRESSION OF LOVE TO GOD IT DOSE NOT MATTER WHAT OTHERS THINK ONLY WHAT GOD THINKS
11/8/2011 3:26:37 AM
anonymous United States
I totally agree with you. I was for a long time under the impression of all the arguments of your friend, but just over the last few weeks, I really have started to see that falling in love with Jesus isn't bad or immature at all.

The song "Beloved" by Tenth Avenue North worked more powerfully than anything else to show me this truth. I never realized how much Jesus LOVES me, really LOVES me. And how can I do anything but love Him back like that?

Being in love is being so enamored with someone that you are willing to do anything for them and make great sacrifices and please them at all costs. That's exactly what we should be for Jesus. He loved us, despite all of our horrendous depravity, and He died for us--for the very purpose of making us His Bride!! How can we not fall in love with such a great Savior!?
11/8/2011 5:56:50 AM
Anna Jamaica
This is amazing.

I love it, and it hurts at the same time. I know it is that simple, but recently I've been off track as a Christian and it seems so hard to get back. And sometimes simplicity is hard to accept, because there is no argument for remaining where you are anymore.

I feel like I'm being confusing. It's so simple, but so full of commitment at the same time... or maybe that's the illusion we get as some kind of an excuse to get our own way... We fear that level of commitment so we say it's too hard and give up...

And the verse "If you love me, you will obey my commands" comes to mind...  


So simple. So straightforward. No argument. Yet so hard...

Frown But Love is supposed to be a happy thing. I hope that one day (and soon!) it will be for me. Something that regardless of what it is, i'll be happy to do it for God.
11/8/2011 6:18:55 AM
Waiting for my flight United States
Waiting for my flight
I attended a Jewish-Messianic (Jewish people who believe in Christ) church for a few years ago. I learned the customs that G-D placed for the Jewish people which is what Jesus practiced. I always thought of G-D as my master and I am the slave. I knew the verse when Christ said I was a bride but did not get it until I attended this church. In a Jewish courtship a man place a glass of wine before the woman and if she drinks from the cup she has agreed to marry him. Think “Last Supper”. The man and the women separate to get ready for their wedding day. They do not see each other again until the man comes for her. What the man does is he goes to build a place for them to live. Once he finishes it he will go and get his bride if the father approves of the structure and give him the ok. Jesus said he goes to prepare a place for us and when the Father approves he will come back again. During this time the women is preparing for her wedding date. The problem is she doesn't know when it will be. The groom will just show up at her door at anytime so she has to get ready every night as if tomorrow is the date of her groom’s return. She does all the things she needs to do to be ready with a maid of honor who helps her get ready. The bride is us. The spirit is the maid of honor. Jesus said to be ready because when he comes back no man will know. Not even Jesus knows just the Father. We are to be ready for the love of our lives to come back for the big wedding. I saw that Christ doesn't see me as a slave but as a bride. My relationship with him changed dramatically after that revelation. I now see how he loves me. I had a transplant a few years ago. He had told a sister in Christ that she needed to be a donor 8 years prior to my kidneys failing. She did not know what she needed to donate but that she had to. She tried for eight years to be a donor and she couldn't even get into the doors to start the process for one reason or another. My wife sent a chain letter and within 24 hours she wrote me to tell me she wanted to test to see if see was a match. I knew she was the one. And after all kind of obstacles I received her kidneys. The doctor said it was the best kidney he had seen. G-D loves me so much that he had healed me before I knew I needed healing.  So Yea, I love him back and I don't care how goofy or sappy I look.
11/8/2011 7:06:37 AM
Mandy United States
Without the heart of God, we would be nothing. So to say loving him back is our most important commandment is God himself showing us grace. No one is perfect enough to love him completely. Saying that is "simple" is naive, I think.

When we live a life completely sold out to God, an overflow occurs. Our hearts are overwhelmed with the desire to fill our time with worship, studying the word, serving others and more. There is nothing simple about the love of God. No one is perfect or good enough to continue doing those things without an overwhelming love of God. This is what Grace means, and this is what completely changes our culture.

Before that can happen, we need our culture to recognize that our God is not one of performance. We don't need to DO something to impress him or gain his affection. We are accepted and joint heirs with Christ because of what He did, and until we get that, this command will always seem simple. We're in; no work necessary. Now we get to work out what that truly means.
11/8/2011 11:22:30 AM
brant United States
As many have picked up on, I use "simple" here as opposed to "complex", not as a means of saying one necessarily comes by it easily.

THANK YOU for the comments so far.  I'm fascinated, reading these, and learning.

Hannah, I understand you.  Things have taken on a bit more emotion for me, though, in the last few years.  Part of that is growing in just how stunning the stuff "Waiting for My Flight" wrote about in his/her comment.  Imagine a God who so loved us, so WANTED us, such as we are, that He would go to build a place for us.

It's stunning.  When I really consider it, it almost makes me cry.  Not just because of His love for ME, but because of all the down-and-outs, misfits, abused, fouled-with-sin, nobodies He's so in love with.

I can love a God like that.  As I learn more, and see Jesus's very nature -- and hence, GOD's very nature -- I find it easier, almost natural, to say "I love Him."  

All this to say, it's possible, as God changes our hearts, that some of that emotion begins to accompany our considerations of Him.  I was almost overwhelmed by this a few weeks ago, reading the story of the Samaritan woman at the well, and how her people asked Jesus to come and stay with them.  

And He did, impromptu.  For two whole days.  God said, "Yes, I'll hang out with you," even though you're considered the losers of the earth.  I'll bet they laughed together, too.  I love that.  And Him.
11/8/2011 12:20:19 PM
Cheese Doodle Bandit United States
Cheese Doodle Bandit
That emotion thing really hits me whenever I hear "But You love Me Anyway" on the radio.  It's an awesome song, but when you intently listen to the words as well as the accompanying music, the experience (yes, EXPERIENCE) is very different.   Sidewalk Prophets must've been totally in love with Jesus when they wrote and recorded that song.  

And to think we get to do that kind of thing for eternity when we get to live with Him!  I suppose I'm kinda biased (I grew up with music and I love to sing), but what could be better than singing to God for eternity?  Let's get this party started!!!
11/8/2011 1:27:29 PM
Dianne United States
I think you summed it up pretty well. I liked the circular aspect of our faith that you hit on. We start out like babies, keeping it nice and simple, and we get a bit sidetracked in the middle, but end up ultimately the way we started.

Maybe that's why God allows us to become more helpless as we progress into the end of the life cycle, so we get that second chance. He loves us so much... he wants to catch everyone before their last breath.

Blessings--dianne Smile
11/8/2011 2:38:33 PM
Shawn Paul United States
Shawn Paul
To me, finding yourself "in love" with someone is as simple as thinking about them throughout your day.  It doesn't have to be romantic.  What do you think about through your day?
11/8/2011 2:43:34 PM
Phillip dacus United States
Phillip dacus
First of all, what in the world is to "Skeeve you out"? Im guessing that this is some sort of young thing that Im not hip to since I have a few more years on me than you.

I hate in when people say "Im 20 years old" or "Im 40 years old".In other countries, they say it differently, They say "I have 20 years" or "I have 40 years". Just sounds better to me, but maybe thats a way us older folks look at things as well.

Guess thats a bit off topic aint it? What does it mean to love Jesus? This is actually a very good question. It is romantic love? Of course it is. One of the most romantic books you will ever read is in the bible. Its in the Song of Solomon.

And the talk about this does not end there. So saying that we should fall in love with Jesus is very accurate. I think the real question is "do any of us really love Jesus"? We surely like to say this and sign about it.

A wonderful saying that I love is from another person that had lots of years called Keith Green. He said that going to Church no more makes you a Christian than going to McDonalds makes you a Hamburger.

I would take that a step even further. Saying that you are in-love with Jesus no more makes you in-love with Jesus than saying that you love Enchiladas makes you Mexican. If you are a white boy that loves Enchiladas, you are still just a white boy.

The scripture that you posted about the sheep and the goats is quite appropriate. You say that you love Jesus.

Prove it!
11/8/2011 2:44:01 PM
Ashley United States
I see the reason we have romantic love now in this life is because God loved us first.  We are on this earth to learn, and His love for us is so powerful.  He loves us unconditionally and has the power to forgive.  To me that resembles every kind of love possible. When we get to heaven He will be there ready to welcome us with more love than we have ever felt, Now that is powerful! I feel loved now, but when we are in heaven the amount of love will be incredible!
11/8/2011 2:45:19 PM
tiana United States
Listening to you on the radio, came across you speaking of the divine love..that's excactly I have been feeling now- God's love and Jesus's love for me, longing for Him.
I guess if a Christian hasn't experience it is for them to understand.
But to begin to experience His love and falling more enough enough with Him, definately is to think about how the Father send His only Son to come as Human and die for our Sin..just to dwell on that make me cry and feel His love for us.
How amazing is that..
Love on..
God is love how can we not in love with Him Smile
11/8/2011 2:48:56 PM
Tiffany United States
speak it brother...i have to say, i am divorced, not by choice.  God has romanced me like no other.  He has done things for me that i never imagined he would do. He has used other people to give me roses, ear rings, played songs, etc. He also made it quite clear these things came from him.  He is the best husband anyone could ask for.  Smile  Like the song says, he really does show up to hold your heart when you need him to.  He even helps me keep my household running smoother.  He can be all we need...if we let him.  
11/8/2011 2:51:04 PM
Laura Castaneda United States
Laura Castaneda
I love being so in love with Jesus and thank him everyday for still happily showing me love on a daily basis even when I don't feel I deserve it! I love having a personal romantic relationship with Jesus Lord and Savior... I look forward to the day when I get to stand in his presence and love and glorify him for eternity. Smile Thank you Brant for being so awesome on the radio as well!
11/8/2011 2:56:35 PM
Danielle United States
I used to feel the same way Hannah does. But then something happened. I made some poor decisions, fell in with the "wrong crowd" and ended up going to jail. It was then that I realized that I had a God sized hole in my heart that I was trying to fill with drugs, alcohol, men, friends, work, anything I could find. Nothing fit, nothing but God! I started feeling God's love for me, and from behind bars, I started falling in love with Him. I have been home for awhile now and I have seen the changes from my relationship with God. I am no longer seeking acceptance from people, men, or the bottom of a bottle. I even wear a ring that says "Faith, Believe, Trust" on my 'wedding finger' to remind myself that I am "married" to Christ and that His love is all I really need.
11/8/2011 3:01:08 PM
Laura Castaneda United States
Laura Castaneda
Wow Danielle I absolutely loved your post... I have never been anywhere near what you had to experience but I am a firm believer that God allows us to pass through some tough times so he can be glorified in the end and through it all... I am happy that you have found that profound love! God bless you!!!
11/8/2011 8:07:18 PM
Anja United States
I heard part of this on the radio the other day.  And it hit me ... wow, yes it really could be that simple.  Jesus is asking for us to love Him.  I realized my relationship with God used to be like this.  I loved Jesus so much and what He had done to turn my life around.  Then, I started getting into the "rules" and it became more about religion than faith Frown  It became about dotting my i's and crossing my t's, trying to do things perfectly, crossing off the checklist ... did I read my Bible today ... etc.  One of my favorite song lyrics is "All religion ever made of me was a sinner with a rock tied to my feet ... it never set me free ... it's gotta be more like falling in love" (Jason Gray "More Like Falling in Love").  I think it really is about just loving Him.
11/9/2011 2:18:28 PM
Danielle United States
I'm listening to your show on my computer, frying some sausage for dinner, and I hear MY testimony coming from the speakers. I was having to hold back tears! I pray that others can use my experiences to have to avoid those circumstances themselves. Thank you God, through Brant, for using me!
11/9/2011 3:28:05 PM
Lisa United States
When my husband left me a couple years ago, I felt so unloved and unloveable. Because my husband no longer wanted to pursue me. I spent a year crying and falling apart and praying and truely came to know the love that Christ has for me.  As I thought this trough more and more I realized that a man may have my left hand but God has my right.  Isaiah 41:13 "I AM the Lord your God, I will take you by your right hand and say, fear not I will help you."  God is my "Right Hand Man".  I can't trust anyone on my left but I can always count on my "Right Hand Man."  Because of him, I know that I am worth dying for.  He will never stop loving me or pursuing me.  

I wrote this poem just days after my divorce was finalized.

Dearest Knight, my Prince Divine
Thou hast not ceased to pursue and make me wholey thine.
All other suitors would, but mere, frogs be.
But my True Love's kiss hath revealed to me,
that only Thou art my Galant Knight
Come to rescue my soul and to with Thine unite.
Thou dragons of temptation oft encircle me;
When I tremble in fear and thought of death there be,
I take great courage and sendeth each one Thy way;
For just as Thou promised, each one Thou doth slay.
Because I love You my Charming Prince,
I will clutch Thy hand from this moment hence.
Please guide my steps as I am heaven bound.
And keep my feet upon solid ground.
Now as we embark upon my homward quest,
In Thy loving arms, I find peaceful rest.
For I have learned that when my knees doth go weak,
This then, that Thou sweepest me off my feet.

A marriage, which is what we are preparing ourselves for, is meant to be a union in which you are willing to die to protect one another.  Christ has already given His life for you (john 3:16).  Matthew 6:25 For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. Do you love Christ enough to give your life for him?  Is loving Christ a romantic love?  For me, it sure is!  
11/9/2011 9:36:40 PM
Debbie Philippines
Yes, honestly.. It does skeeve me out. But as hard it is to swallow, I guess this is a lesson I am yet to learn. Thanks for sharing.
12/6/2011 9:52:25 PM
Tawanaray Canada
This is AMAZING!!! This is EXACTLY what I have been feeling and EXACTLY what the relationship with JESUS CHRIST is about! and It's simply and remarkably BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish more people understood and I KNOW God is still at work in people's lives! Wow I praise God for getting me to where I am now and if I feel like this now I'm SO excited for what else He has! This is why we shouldn't try to FIGURE God out with all the science...when we fall in LOVE, He reveals it all to us and we experience TRUE Freedom!
God Bless you and thanks for the article!! Smile
12/7/2011 1:21:21 AM
Cheese Doodle Bandit United States
Cheese Doodle Bandit
Like the Great Romance in Ted Dekker's Circle series.  Rather, "his" Great Romance is like this.  The relationship between us and God.
4/16/2012 10:35:53 AM
WodFamChocSod United States
Brant, thank you......these have been almost my exact thoughts for the past few weeks.

Two of my favorite songs are "Beloved" by Tenth Avenue North and "More Like Falling in Love" by Jason Grey. Becuase I believe that it is a love, not a religion. In fact I've come to dislike the "r" word altogether becuase I don't think that what it was meant to be.

I love the end of this blog post, it really sums it up: He wants our hearts.  We are to love him. "But that sounds almost childlike, like just anyone could do that, and -- " Yep.

PS - @Cheese Doodle Bandit, I totally agree with your last comment. That's what I have been thinking as well. And btw I love your name! Smile

4/16/2012 2:15:09 PM
Cheese Doodle Bandit United States
Cheese Doodle Bandit
I like your name, WodFamChocSod.  I went to go check what my last comment was about that you mentioned, and then I saw your "name".  I had to laugh.

I have got to read those books again.  Have you read them, Brant?  It's the Circle series by Ted Dekker.
6/27/2012 6:47:59 AM
Derl A. Hicks United States
Derl A. Hicks
I was working on a sermon about falling in love with Jesus again and this post nailed it. I have been roaming through reading other blog posts and I have been very challenged and uplifted by your thoughts.
8/18/2012 2:49:18 PM
Elena United States
Thank you for laying it out like this. Perfect. Simple. I would only add that when I consider what God has done and continues to do every moment, what lengths God has gone to, given up the only Son, bled to death for us, how can I NOT be in love with God? I love God because God loved me first.
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