Aug 29 2011
To the President of the United States, RE: "Wups"


I sent this letter.  

I thought maybe I should, onaccounta I told Barack Obama  -- twice! -- I didn't have time to interview him, back in the day. I am not making this up.

I think maybe I have time now.




Dear President Obama,

How are you?  I am fine.

I wanted to get back to you about those interviews you requested awhile back.  Like I said, I was pretty much full-up busy when you called.  I already had interviews set up with the Whistling Champion and "Mr. Pets".

And I'm sorry I couldn't quite make out what your name was.  I did catch the "I'm going to run for Senator," part, but wasn't even sure what party back then!

Anyway, I was reminded you'd requested an interview on my show when I saw you on T.V.  I looked up and saw you on this screen, and saw you standing there with a nice suit on, and I think your wife was there, too, and -- yeah, I'm picturing it now -- I think you were being sworn in as President of the United States.

So, like, when do you want to do the interview?  I'm pretty flexible now. 


Brant Hansen

Radio Host

P.S. -- I "hope" we can talk soon!   <-- That's a little reference to your campaign slogan-thing!  I "hope" you liked that!  :) :) :)

P.P.S. -- I can't do it on Wednesdays.  We have a staff meeting.  And probably not before 11 a.m., because that's when I have toast and maybe go swimming.  Thanks!



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8/30/2011 6:32:09 AM
Lauren.H United States
"...because thats when I have toast and maybe go swimming" haha!!!! Laughing LUV IT!! U crack me up Brant!! LOL.

God Bless and I "hope" you have a great week!! Smile lol WOW. sry i just HAD to say that haha
8/30/2011 12:22:45 PM
Mike United States
Did you actually send that to him, or was that fake? Tong

And did you actually have the chance to talk to him when he was running for senator years ago?
8/30/2011 2:58:40 PM
Patricia United States
Dude, I hope he responds to that.
8/30/2011 3:01:36 PM
Lauren.H United States
haha same here.
8/30/2011 3:29:18 PM
Brant Hansen United States
Brant Hansen
Totally true.  Twice, I told him I didn't have time on my talk show.

I have time now.
8/30/2011 3:33:22 PM
Chris United States
Lets leave the hateful politics out of a Christian radio station. Preach the Gospel, and save lives, instead of urging disrespect for those that need to be saved.
8/30/2011 4:13:15 PM
Brant Hansen United States
Brant Hansen
8/30/2011 4:57:04 PM
what hateful politics? and that is funny instead of talking to him you would eat your buurnt toast hey maybe you could ask him what he thinks of your shoes and i know this is out of place and random but i dont have a facebook so i think you should wear what you like who cares what anybody else thinks im mean really there a just shoes. you walk in them. why wear something you arent comfortable in
8/30/2011 5:13:01 PM
He is going to think your crazy about the P.P.S. thing...
8/30/2011 5:54:20 PM
David United States
8/31/2011 3:25:55 AM
Brant T. United States
Brant T.
@Chris ... whoa, bro.  Hate is not a word to throw around lightly and there wasn't anything at all hateful in the letter.  Though President Obama is a political figure, mentioning his name doesn't necessarily constitute "politics."  If I were to write an article about his awesome Belgian waffle recipe (just as an example, I have no idea if he cooks, but I REALLY like Belgian waffles so it's the first thing that came to mind) it wouldn't be political.  Toast isn't usually political either.  Swimming is only political if you're talking about how Mark Spitz could totally rock the Olympics sporting a magnificent mustache, without cap or goggles like the whipper-snappers of today wear.

Nor did I detect the urging of disrespect, but I think there may have been some tongue-in-cheekness on Brant's part.  Maybe a little "wow, would've been cool if I'd've interviewed this guy before he was the leader of our nation."  But that's mere speculation on my part.

Oh, and Brant, you may want to consider that the Pres might like toast too ... nothing like an interview over toast.

8/31/2011 5:05:09 AM
Lauren.H United States
I hate toast. So you DID send this Brant? good. for. you.!. Smile
8/31/2011 5:16:55 PM
Mark United States
Are we all reading the same letter ??? I'm missing the hate thing. I think it was extremely funny. Hope the Pres does the show.
8/31/2011 5:50:24 PM
Lauren United States
lol sry I was actually speaking for myself there. I ACTUALLY hat toast lol Smile sry bout the confusion Tong
8/31/2011 7:39:34 PM
Lauren im pretty sure there talking to Chris about the hate thingSmile and i agree i hate toast i only eat it if its cavered in butter sugar and cinnamon its good but no other way
8/31/2011 9:20:17 PM
8/31/2011 11:06:26 PM
Reese Taylor United States
Reese Taylor
I've been lucky to see the President speak in person once in San Francisco.  He was very engaging and spoke affectionately about his family.  I think Air1 and specifically Brant would be a great fit. I hope (no need for quotes) it happens.  God Bless
9/1/2011 3:02:24 AM
Not Important United States
Not Important
I'm sorry but that was quite possibly one of the stupidest letters\jokes about the President I've seen in quite some time.  If you folks are truly Christian and representative of Christ as you think you are then I guess I'd have expected a little more maturity out of you.  But being someone who has worked on Capitol Hill and attempts to be a follower of Christ in everything he does there, one thing I've learned is that not only are humans totally incapable of governing themselves effectively, but they also lack serious critical thinking skills and love to blame all their problems on the government because, well it's easier to do and self-justifying.  This letter\joke is nothing more than that, a passive-aggressive middle finger at the President and disrespectful.  I love how so many of us Christians claim that God is ultimately in charge of who gets into positions of power but then have nothing to say about that claim when the person voted into power is not their perfect image of who that person should be.  Here's to never putting my faith and trust in the ever-changing opinions of man.  P.S. - No I'm not a Democrat so don't bother making replies about that.  I'm a right leaning independent which means which I identify with conservative values but no opinion of a political party rules my vote.  I choose to be an informed voter who can think for himself rather than give up my vote to the hot rhetoric\opinion of a radical Christian who happens to have great divisive oratory skills.
9/1/2011 12:48:13 PM
Lauren United States
No offence but dude, that was pretty low. Just sayin'. Just because he put in a little humor here and there doesn't mean that it's not mature! That was a pretty low and rude comment if you ask me.
9/1/2011 3:34:17 PM
Mercedez United States
This is old, too!!!
9/1/2011 4:09:57 PM
Did he used to have an older blog or something? Im confused....
9/1/2011 4:15:32 PM
Mercedez United States
Yes.  It was
Looks like it's been a couple years (ish) since he posted there, and I had to add the blog to my subscriptions in Google Reader to be able to see it.  Otherwise, you're redirected to a seemingly irrelevant website with no way back.
9/1/2011 4:48:47 PM
ooohhh ok thanks
9/1/2011 8:00:54 PM
ok first of not important you are important and that is kinda mean and you said you attempt to be afollower of Christ in everything he does i dont think your showing Christ right now with the letter you typed he didnt say anything bad and he didnt blame anyone for anyhting so chill Smile Peace and Love
9/10/2011 4:36:23 PM
E United States
do you think the president will ever read that?
9/10/2011 5:09:33 PM
Sunshine United States
I love toast!!!!
9/11/2011 8:58:25 PM
Lucie United States
I am relieved I am not the only one who puts toast at the top of my "to do" list.
9/15/2011 8:12:46 AM
I hate toast
9/22/2011 2:45:54 PM
Micah United States
Um, Brant. My Grammar book specifically says "Do not begin [a letter] by saying 'How are you? I am fine.'" Lol... Oh well, love you anyway! You are awesome, Brant!! Smile Thank you for being a part of Air1!
9/27/2011 6:23:55 PM
Lol thats what makes it so funny he starts alot of letters like that
9/27/2011 6:26:40 PM
yeah i dont like toast either but my family has been sick lately and my dad was feeding them burnt toast its supposed to do something good for your tummy
11/1/2011 4:37:58 PM
Elyssa United States
@Not Important
I agree with Lauren and you both. Don't dis Brant or anyone. yes it may have been immature a little bit but he's got a great topic and point! TY so much For being a broadcaster on air1 you make it so much more fun Brant.

P.S. I like all UR blogs they are really creative!Tong
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