Jul 29 2011
Dear Makers of P90X Extreme Exercise Regimen

Dear Makers of P90X Extreme Exercise Regimen,

Thank you for your excellent "extreme" product.  I have been trying it for five days now.  You promised "extreme" changes to my body, and you've already delivered in startling ways.  You promised I'd experience "muscle confusion", and, indeed, my muscles are very, very, confused.

I can't move.

Your advertising includes many testimonies:  "I've lost thirty pounds and four inches off my waist," and "I've lost ten pounds of fat, and two inches," etc.

Well, I'm not sure about my weight loss, since I can no longer summon the energy to roll across the floor and onto a scale.  Nor am I sure about losing any inches.  I can't put my pants on.

I have, however, lost a lot:  My ability to perform routine tasks.  My hopes and dreams.

Control over my bladder.

My will to live. 

Thank you, P90X people.  Like you say on the videos, I'm just "pumped" to "bring it" every day and it delights me to no end to see your smiling, toned faces as I flicker in and out of consciousness lying on my living room floor.  Thank you.



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7/29/2011 12:40:25 PM
Tara United States
LOL, I can feel what you are saying. I did P90X for about 4 weeks, the worst 4 weeks of my life. I was so sore I couldn't do anything after the workout every day, I was miserable. I know that everyone says no pain, no gain, maybe I just don't want it that bad. : ) Thanks for the laugh.
7/29/2011 12:41:43 PM
John United States
Bwahahahaha - LOVED this!  
7/29/2011 1:02:19 PM
Lenard Canada
You should try Insanity, you don't have to use weights and it only takes 60 days to work.  And for the pain i suggest taking some type of overnight recovery formula.  I would def send this letter to P90X though Tong
7/29/2011 1:06:58 PM
Robin United States
"...as I flicker in and out of conciousness..." My coworkers started staring when I laughed out loud.  So. Funny.
7/29/2011 1:22:15 PM
Jennifer United States
That is too funny.  There is such things as over doing it & maybe the intensity level is a little bit strong for a newbie..but I'm sure it could work for someone that would be considered more in shape Smile
7/29/2011 1:29:35 PM
Joy United States
LOL, and then the tags- Excruciating Pain, P90X, Pending Lawsuit- ROFL!!
7/29/2011 2:22:41 PM
Angel United States
Hilarious! Some of the younger guys from the youth group always tell me to start this program with them... I don't think it's gonna happen no w.  
7/29/2011 2:29:06 PM
Hannah United States
My husband and I tried Insanity and it is rightly named. lol We quit after the third day we were both so sore. The "no pain no gain" saying has been proven wrong already with more studies. Most workouts nowadays have tons of warnings and make a point to tell you if you feel hurt in any way to stop immediately and even consult your doc before attempting. I have yet to find a good fit for me exercise-wise, going to try Zumba next since I love dancing. =)

Love the letter, Brant, you crack me up. XD God Bless! <3
7/29/2011 2:45:50 PM
Tara R United States
Tara R
Hil - freaking - lirious!
I own P90X... i was in tears reading this!
7/29/2011 4:34:15 PM
Kristi United States
You are hysterical, that is so funny!
7/29/2011 4:35:05 PM
Kristi United States
Hey, I love my avatar - can I have it, pleeeeez?
8/4/2011 9:29:31 AM
Rob United States

Sounds like you put 110% into it! Make sure you stretch before and after the workout. Dont give up!! Take it down a notch or two brother. My boss and my neighbors both use the P90x system along with proper diets. The results are amazing! Dont give up and remember to eat enough protien to feed the muscles. Chicken is great and so is fish.

May Jesus bless you in everything you do,

8/5/2011 3:09:28 PM
Staten United States
Beautiful. Had a wonderful laugh out of this. However, I may recommend that you take some supplements and have about 4-5 meals a day with plenty of fats, carbs, AND protein. Doing this for about a week will give you the proper energy, without proper eating you will wither away on workout programs like this....
8/10/2011 8:03:40 PM
John A. United States
John A.
Brant, this is the new P90X you are talking about right?  I wasn't sure it was out yet, but I know how rough the original is...so I can't imagine a "tougher" version.
8/11/2011 8:32:46 AM
Chloe United States

Always jumping on the latest bandwagon (if all your friends jump off a cliff....) my mom and I decided  to go EXTREME - as in P90X.  Beings that we are to cheap to actually purchase it, we were excited to find out that my local library carried it and we could check it out.  
   We commited ourselves as we carried the big plastic package under our arm, out the library, ready to go.  
   For those of you who might be interested in this program, all I can say is make sure you have a committed partner and it really helps to have another participant who sits on the couch and makes fun of the video participants, onscreen and off.  Exercising is so much more enjoyable when your out of breathe because your laughing.
   I function well with routine.  That being said, after 2 weeks of P90X, the Xtreme workout, I was looking for a change in routine.  While at the same time, glad I didn't purchase it, because then I really wouldn't have any change.  Have you seen how much this thing costs? $120!
  My mom was absolutly thrilled when I found a similar workout that got 5 star reviews - Supreme90Day.  Beings that it would only be 20% of the cost, I thought, "Why not give it a try?" This is just the change I was looking for in my life!  I am now in day 4 of Supreme90Day and all I can say is: SUPREME ROCKS EXTREME!Isn't that true for everything?.....
-Supreme pizza
- The Supremes
- Supreme Court - highest in the land
   Wait a minute...maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. I do have to give credit to P90X, after all, Mom lost 5 pounds in my three weeks of Xtreme-ing.
  But, putting in an hour a day was so monotonous, so tiring, so not what I wanted to do. SUPREME90DAY appears to be averaging about a 30 minute workout. This I can do. The only downfall is that I only get a 1/2 hour of laugh time from the clown on the couch. Guess she'll get a workout trying to get 60 minutes of laugh time packed into a 30 minute workout. This workout may be more challenging for her than me!  
   We are now on day 22 and it is awesome. I love it, there is only 1 workout I despise, and even that one isn't that bad. To top it all off, the abs workout is only 6 minutes. No Joke!
   Ok, if you made it to the finish of this insanly LONG post, congrats! And keep with the exercising, Brant!!!
8/31/2011 11:34:13 AM
LOL try going outside and chopping firewood with an ax at age 14 you wont be able to move your arms for a week.
8/31/2011 2:15:22 PM
Yuliya United States
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I loved this! Thanks Brant for using your gift with words and humor to give me a quick "pick me up" today. (:
8/31/2011 5:18:21 PM
Lauren United States
OMG I laughed so freaking hard at this HAHAHA!! Oh man. "My ability to perform routine tasks. My hopes and dreams. Control over my bladder"  omg you've gotta b the next Tim Hawkins LOL. I was laughing HARD Laughing Thanks for the laugh haha and a little tiny bit of cry haha Smile
8/31/2011 7:45:21 PM
yeah he is definatly as funny as tim hawkins
9/2/2011 2:19:47 PM
Lauren United States
I read this again and laughed HARD again lol. <sigh from laughing hard> Smile Whenever I need a good laugh, I know what to do Smile
9/4/2011 5:40:05 PM
idk HOW many times ive read this and laughed every time (LOL) but I read this to my dad and he laughed haha Brant if you ever quit the radio job (please dont even THINK about it. Smile) you need to be a commedian LOL. You r tooo fun... AND funny. No,w wait you r NOT funny....

.... YOUR HILARIOUS! Laughing HA!
9/9/2011 2:27:34 PM
Kristi United States
Well said. I'm a stay at home mom and I had to stop doing p90x in the morning and...ever again because it drained me of my energy. I would drowned my sorrows in a snickers bar and that seemed counter-productive.
10/2/2011 8:29:58 PM
Paul United States
I feel your pain. I tried 1 of those things and I couldn't move for a week.
1/28/2012 6:08:46 PM
hahaha that's about how I feel when I get home from the qym XP
2/25/2012 12:56:08 AM
Banital United States
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3/15/2012 2:23:50 AM
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3/29/2012 2:23:10 AM
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4/7/2012 9:00:47 PM
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Thanks for taking the time to share this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.
6/16/2012 6:54:58 AM
Brenzig United States
1) sounds like poor diet and poor supplementaion.  (multi vitamin + fat supplementation)

2) Sounds like bad sleep patterns

3) sounds like you are too retarded to know when too much is enough

4) you probably downloaded it and skip the end cool down and stretch.  

5) stop whining  - Arnold
11/7/2012 9:41:56 AM
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11/29/2012 11:09:18 PM
Shawna Hazlett United States
Shawna Hazlett
I once did something called Insanity, which is P90X condensed in to 60 days, so it's more intense. I did one day of it.

And then I didn't exercise again for two years.
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