Oct 19 2012
Club Awesome LIVE TOUR!! W00t, etc.!!!



We don't have all the details yet, but our little nerdy dance party is coming ALIVE.

...and we're inviting friends.  Like KJ-52.  And Manafest.  And 7eventhTimeDown.

We'll "groove", we may play Dewey Decimal Bingo, and we'll certainly have Five Different Kinds of Nachos.

And it's FREE.  






AIR1 CLUB AWESOME LIVE TOUR w/ Brant Hansen, KJ-52, Manafest and 7thTimeDown
Sponsored by: CURE International and Tooth & Nail Records



Friday, Nov. 30 – SAN ANTONIO, TX

Saturday, Dec. 1 – HOUSTON, TX

Sunday, Dec. 2 – OKC

Tuesday, Dec. 4 – PHOENIX, AZ

Wednesday, Dec. 5 – RIVERSIDE, CA



Jul 10 2012
One Question Survey: The One Thing You Can't Say...

Here's a question, prompted by an interview I just did for an upcoming podcast with author Anne Jackson.

I'd love your honest, heart-level response, based on your own life:


What is one thing you feel you can't say in church?