Mar 21 2012
Excerpts: The 417 Rules of Awesomely Bold Leadership

It's taking me a while to finish this, but I've read a lot of extremely impressive leadership books from some extremely awesome-sounding leaders, and now I'm coming out with my own leadership book, that I hope will out-awesome all of them.  Here are some excerpts:

Rule #31  Awesomely Bold Leaders Lead Authentically

...and, gentlemen, there's no getting around it:  To awesomely, boldy lead in an authentic way, you must be authentically awesome.  There's no room for deception.

This occurred to me as I was out flying MiG's with my Saturday morning Leaders' Bible Study and Adventure Group:  Leaders must be true-blue.  Your followers can see right through you if you are not truly, deeply, honestly, as awesome as your leadership.

Search your heart.

That morning, as I buzzed the homes of the men who oppose me on the Elder Board, I could see the look in their eyes.  We may quibble over budget issues, but -- never forget this -- they knew I wasn't just posing as a bold leader.  I am a bold leader, through and through.  It's important to be authentic, and...


Rule #112  Awesomely Bold Leaders Lead the Leading Leaders of Visionary Leaders gentlemen, you can't get around this. 

The other day, while I was dead-lifting 635 pounds, I remembered a time I led a group of men up Kilimanjaro, where I introduced them to my good friend, Norman Schwarzkopf.

Norman looked at me, his eyes moist.  "Thank you," he said.  "For taking the time to lead me.  I lead everyone, but you're the only one who led me, and I'm one of the leading leaders of visionary leaders.  Thank you."  He tried to hug me.

It' was right then, when I realized you can't be distracted by everyone who's clamoring for your time.    Be like Jesus, who Himself chose only proven leaders, like Peter.  Jesus knew His time was limited.  He didn't have time to "mess", as the kids say.  And neither do you.   Don't let teenage guys with problems distract you, or some guys who want you to go fishing.   Pick proven leaders.

And in this day and age, in today's churches, it's not enough to only lead leaders.  It's not enough to lead leaders of other leaders.  You must prioritize: You must lead only the leading leaders of other visionary leaders. 

Remember:  Without your visionary leadership, with the leadership of leading leaders of visionaries, the people will perish. 

And then recall #16:  If your people perish, you will not be selected to facilitate a break-out group at my next satellite seminar.