Sep 11 2011
Some (Seriously) Mature Reading Material, and a Plea for Advice

I got this email, and, over time, many like it.  She'll remain anonymous:

A listener, in her early 20s, confronted her boyfriend with what she found in his online "history" record. She was very surprised. And very disappointed.

She talked to him about it, but he said it wasn't his, without offering explanation. Then he said he was sorry she was hurt, but -- curiously -- would still not acknowledge that he had accessed the websites in question. She's sadly, and completely, convinced he's not being honest.

She wanted to talk more about it, and even felt sorry for him (she realizes this is an issue for almost all men, at least at the temptation level), but he was angrily unwilling to deal with it.

She likes him, of course. But her question was this:  Given this situation, should she continue a marriage-track-type relationship with him?

Your thoughts...?  Humble advice, perhaps borne of experience, is welcome.