Mar 13 2012
The "Not Safe" Podcast: Sy Rogers on Sexuality, Brokenness, and Jesus

"Sy Rogers lived as a woman for a year and a half..."

That's the first line from this podcast (click HERE to listen) and it's true.  But it's neither the beginning, nor the end, of Sy's story.  

...or even the most interesting part.  You may agree, disagree, or get ticked... but what Sy has been through is undeniably remarkable.

I love this guy, but only partially because he's one of the best communicators I've ever heard, dealing with such difficult topics as same-sex attraction, judgeentalism, brokenness, and our humanity.  There are lots of great communicators.  

Sy communicates Jesus.

More about Sy can be found at

Feb 17 2012
Why are Young Christians Leaving the Church?

Here's a conversation with David Kinnamon, author of You Lost Me, addressing the disconnect between American consumer-church culture and many young believers.

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Nov 28 2011
The "Totally NOT Safe..." Podcast: A Counselor Talks About Childhood Sexual Abuse...and God

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In this podcast:  We talk about childhood sexual abuse, and healing.  A few of the questions:

How do we approach forgiveness, for something so horrific?

What hope is there for those who've endured this?

Why so much denial within families?

How can surivors of childhood sexual abuse trust people again?  Or trust God?

A bit about Kathy:  She is a licensed psychotherapist who counsels victims of childhood sexual abuse.  She is a counselor, and an occasional speaker, for the Heath Evans Foundation. She's a former adjunct professor with Palm Beach Atlantic University, and has worked with Henderson Mental Health Clinic, as well as Children's Home Society.  Kathy has a private practice in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and has authored a book releasing next year.  She can be contacted at her email address: