Jun 25 2012
Pardon Me But I Think That's Your Cat Getting Raptured

Look, I'm not even in the "rapture" camp, as far as Biblical eschatology goes.

But I found these photos, and it's now undeniable:  Cats are all, like, "I can haz get raptured."  



I've read a lot of end-times books, and paid attention to various theologians on the matter. They've debated, and held numerous conferences on, dispensationalism, the nature and timing of the Tribulation, the true identity of Gog and Magog, and hermeneutical issues regarding Daniel chapter 10.  

But they totally forgot to mention cats.



I'm avoiding making puns, here.  There's an obvious "esCATology" joke in here, but I won't make it, because I'm too classy for that, and I'm already concerned that people will take this litter-ally.

Anyway, the photos are proof. If your cat is still around, let's face it: it's because it's unrepentant.

Let me guess: You're not surprised.


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