Nov 15 2011
Sexual Abuse, Penn State, and Actual Hope


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Heath Evans is THE guy to talk to about the Penn State saga.  Yes, he just wrapped up a 10-year NFL career, and is now an analyst for NFL Network.  He played at a legendary football school - Auburn - and has played on Super Bowl teams, the Patriots and Saints.

But that's not the story.

Here's the story: He wants to bring hope for the victims of sexual abuse.  His foundation - click here - is for that, specifically, to bring Jesus-focused counseling and healing to those who've undergone a nightmare. 

In this podcast, Heath very frankly responds to Bob Costas' interview with Jerry Sandusky, comments on what sexual abuse can do to a life, and talks about forgiveness, and why he was angry watching the Penn State game on Saturday.

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Nov 10 2011
The Totally Not Safe for the Family Christian Radio Podcast: Christian Music, Sex, and Free Expression

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Our guest is Dan Haseltine of the band Jars of Clay, and founder of BloodWaterMission

Dan talks about whether Christian musicians should write more songs about sex.  He also -- wait, you're not reading this anymore, are you?


Nov 03 2011
The Totally NOT Safe for the Family Christian Radio Podcast: Inside the Mind of Men

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Your sex is not a social construct.  It's written on every strand of DNA, in each of the 50 trillion cells in your body.
And, except on a few remaining college campuses, this is so obvious it doesn't bear saying, but we'll say it:  We're different, we men and women. 
And viva la difference.
Shaunti Feldhahn, to her credit, takes this approach.  She's a Harvard grad, and a former Wall Street analyst who's also worked on Capitol Hill.  And analyze, she does, using thoroughgoing research techniques. Her books are worth reading, but only if you're, say, a male, or a female, or you interact with other humans.  (If that doesn't apply to you, skip the books.)
In this podcast, we talk about how men think, and, as shocking as that might be to women, how God didn't do this on accident.  Also, Shaunti tackles other tough issues, like how to handle the "modesty issue" in modern churches.