Dec 04 2012
Why the Club Awesome Tour Has Been So Awesome

Tonight is the last night on our little "Club Awesome" tour.  

The artists say this is one of the most fun things they've EVER done in their careers. There's something different about the people who are coming out.  And they're right.  There's something about Air1 listeners. Something really, really, wonderful.

This has been like the biggest, goofiest, most bizarre party ever thrown... on the Island of Misfit Toys.  There's nothing negative in that; I'm a misfit toy, myself. But if you watch "Rudolph" ever year - and you really should - you'll notice something about that island:  No one's trying to be cool.  The misnamed Charlie-in-the-Box; the unloved doll known only as "Dolly for Sue"; the little train with square wheels; the little boat that sinks; and - perfectly for Club Awesome - the cowboy who rides an ostrich.  They've all got this in common:

There's no pretense. 

When you know you're broken, you're not cool, well... you're free.


Two nights ago, after the show, an impromptu dance-off happened. It was a diverse group, many strangers, and it was hilarious and joyful and everyone laughed and cheered for each other.  No one was trying to be cool. It's amazing the fun you can have, when you give up trying to be cool.

The artists aren't trying to be cool.  Remember: People who want to be celebrities will always keep a certain distance from the masses. They like staying away, revealing themselves just here and there, and maintaining some kind of mystique.  On this tour, the artists jump up and down and slap high-fives with every person walking through the door before the show starts, and welcome them.

I've met MANY people with Asperger's Syndrome, like me. I've met a little boy who just lost his daddy, and listens to Air1 everyday. I've met a family of special-needs children who danced the night away. I've met a mix of single moms, people in crushing physical pain, nerds (w00t!), many people with social anxiety, brand new believers, and older folks who don't understand "what all THAT was," but they sure did love seeing the joy.  

The crowds have been crushingly loud, packed-in, dance-crazy, and generous.  JOY gets taken to a new level when our party invites others to join, like poverty-stricken, disabled children, who will be able to dance, too, once they get their surgeries at CURE International.  Little Ireen, for example, will have her surgery to repair her legs, thanks to the people at Club Awesome in OKC.

God loves Ireen. He loves misfit toys, and the truth is, we ALL fit that description. Some are free enough to admit it.  God loves humble hearts, too. A lot.

Ireen, little sweetheart, fellow "misfit toy"...  welcome to the party.

We call it the Kingdom of God, and man, is it wonderful.













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