Mar 13 2012
The "Not Safe" Podcast: Sy Rogers on Sexuality, Brokenness, and Jesus

"Sy Rogers lived as a woman for a year and a half..."

That's the first line from this podcast (click HERE to listen) and it's true.  But it's neither the beginning, nor the end, of Sy's story.  

...or even the most interesting part.  You may agree, disagree, or get ticked... but what Sy has been through is undeniably remarkable.

I love this guy, but only partially because he's one of the best communicators I've ever heard, dealing with such difficult topics as same-sex attraction, judgeentalism, brokenness, and our humanity.  There are lots of great communicators.  

Sy communicates Jesus.

More about Sy can be found at

Mar 13 2012
Breaking Down Today's Matchup: When You Hear Your Baby Say 'Mommy' for the First Time vs. David Crowder's Beard

This is a classic matchup:  Emotional moment of stunning significance, versus facial hair.

So how do I see this one?  Thanks for asking.

Look, I'm a dad, and I've got two wonderful children.  I treasure every moment with them, even now, years after they uttered their first words.

A word!  Such meaning, such humanness, packed into a single breath.  Not only is this the culmination of waiting, since that very first "positive" test, it's a harbinger of relationship-to-come.  To borrow from Martin Buber, it's an acknowledgement of "I-thou" relationship, freighted with the meaning of the remaining years of your lives together.  A baby - a human, a soul! - enters our lives, and says, with a garbled word, "You begat me.  I am yours, borne of your flesh, and our Maker entrusts me to you." 

On the flipside:  David Crowder's Beard is pretty cool.



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Mar 12 2012
Analysis: Tim Tebow vs. My Mom

Let's break it down:

(You can vote over there, by the way ------->)

While Tim Tebow has excellent mobility, and a growing grasp of NFL offensive schemes, this is counter-balanced by the fact that my mom used to be our lunch lady at school.  

My mom has never struggled against the Patriots.  

My mom has not won any Heisman trophys.  Tim Tebow has.  So there's that.  But Tim cannot make homemade french fries like my mom, to my knowledge.  

Tim does a remarkable job of taking broken plays - when things don't go right, people don't do what they should, according to plan -  and making something out of them.  But, based on observation of the years she spent as a single mom, raising my brother and me through high school, so does my mom.

Tim Tebow prays a lot.  So does my mom (See "single mom with two high school boys"...)

Tim Tebow is helping pay for a CURE hospital for the poor in the Philippines.  That's pretty awesome.  My mom never wanted me to go to CURE's hospital in Afghanistan, but she put up with it, for CURE's sake.  So they're kinda on the same team, there.

Tim Tebow responds beautifully and gracefully to public criticism.  And runs a 4.5 40-yard dash.  My mom is slower, except for that one time she saw my brother and me swimming around, for the fun of it, in a drainage ditch. She has an explosive first step.


My mom hand-makes awesome puppets.  Tim Tebow?  ZERO PUPPETS.


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