Jul 10 2012
New Remedy Drive

We just added this new song "Better Than Life" by Remedy Drive! Let us know what you think. 

Jul 03 2012
Francesca Has A Girl!

Francesca Battistelli and husband, Mattthew Goodwin, welcomed their second child, Audrey Jane, early this morning at their home in Atlanta. Baby Audrey weighs 8 pounds, 11 ounces and is 20 inches long. Their son, Elijah is very excited to have a baby sister. 

Jul 02 2012
Congrats Britt Nicole

What is that I hear? Wedding Bells? This weekend, Britt Nicole got married! YAY! Congrats to the beautiful bride and her new honey, Joshua Crosby! 

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Jun 29 2012
New From Adam Cappa

We recently added a new song by Adam Cappa called "All I Really Want". I am really into it! Here is Adam performing it acousticly. Let me know what you think.

Adam explains the meaning of his song "All I Really Want"

Jun 28 2012
Je'kob "Love Is All"

Check out this new video for the song "Love Is All" by the new Air1 artist Je'kob! Hope you enjoy it. :)