Jul 27 2012
Moriah Peters Says "Well Done"

Here is a cute video for Moriah Peters' song "Well Done"! I love her shoes. (Sorry, girl moment. Oops! :)) She also plays accordion!! Brant Hansen has some competition!

Jul 20 2012
FF5 Says Hiiii

The guys of Family Force 5 found a talking eel at the Baltimore Aquarium. Check out this cute little eel! He seems so sweet. :)

Jul 19 2012
Fireflight In Norway

Fireflight just announced that they will be going to Norway in November for The Take Off Festival there! Join them if you can, it's going to be an awesome festival!

Jul 12 2012
Group 1 Crew Official Music Video for "He Said"

Here is the world premiere and Air1 exclusive video for Group 1 Crew's song "He Said"!! 

Jul 11 2012
Owl City Live

In case you don't get to see Owl City this summer, here is a live performance of his song "Dream Don't Turn To Dust". It is quite lovely, and just makes me want to go see him live even more than ever now.

I guess it didn't cure that for me haha! 


Also check to see if he will be playing a show near you this year! He just announced his world tour!