Apr 09 2011
Fireflight's Odd Recording Process...

Fireflight gives you a glimpse to their recording process while on the road...

....While in a women's locker room...

...Without the women from Fireflight.


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Apr 07 2011
Jars of Clay get invaded by robots!

During Jars of Clay’s set in Charleston, ME the band seemed to have some company onstage with them.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn some robotic dance moves, here is your chance. Haha


Apr 07 2011
Chris August Wants to Send YOU....

Have you been wanting to go to the Dove awards?

Chris August is giving you the chance to go, but you have to vote for him first!

You can tweet or text your vote for a chance to win tickets.


Apr 06 2011
Hyland Announces May Tour With Wavorly

Hyland announced today 'The Mother, May I? Tour" with Wavorly and Abandon Kansas.

The tour starts May 13th and goes till June 4th.

Actual dates and cities will be posted soon.

To see what concerts are coming through your area make sure to check out our music page.

Below is a little sneak peek of Hyland's new album "Weights & Measures", which will be out May 3, 2011. 

Apr 06 2011
Anthem Lights gone Bieber?!

Does Anthem Lights have Bieber Fever or just boredom?

Saw this video today and laughed the whole way through.

Check out their sweet dance moves and shades! haha